Date: 31 Dec 2007


Whatever is happening in Pakistan is a monument to the Two Nation Theory of Mohamad Ali Jinnah.

Jinnah proclaimed that Muslims have nothing in common with the Hindus. But later the East Pakistani Muslims found nothing in common with their counterparts in West Pakistan.  That would have made Jinnah turn in his grave!  The saga, however continued and non-Ahmediyas found nothing in common with the Ahmedias and the process contined unabated in the shape of Shia-Sunni divides, regional tensions and acrimonies full of all kinds of violence and hatred.
The most recent events culminating in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto would have made Jinnah turn in his grave again!  In fact it was Jinnah have planted a poisonous sapling in 1947.  This has turned into a monstrous tree; whose venomous rootes are expanding unchecked, whose shadow is fiery and even the air passing through becomes a lethal gas.
Jinnah at the height of self-supermavy and sel-righteousness could not envisage that there has never been a precedent of religion being the sole cementing force.  At that moment 1t was certainly not his priority to ponder over it.  When such moments err, centuries have to face the brunt of cons!equences!