Date: 11 Jan 2008


A letter from patriot (BELOW) that tells the world about shambles at Indian airports. The so-called duty free shops are a disgrace since, apparently, Sonia, the RASHTRAMATA (Mother of this Orphaned Nation) wants to tell all Indians that Rome Airport is paradise and yours will be condemned to Hell. 
Look at the duty free shops in Mumbai's International airport from where Bharatis take off for London. What it offers, wooden carts and clay puppets, can be had in any village store, and compare that duty free shopping area with the ones at Vienna or Zurich airport duty free shopping areas. One will be ASHAMED of realising that this Great Bharatvarsha (India) under the foot of an ex maid called Sonia who married Rajiv Khan is so badly held up in "sarkari" sector.

One does not know whether Sonia is a devious Khan or a Catholic Cat in HINDU post-Partition India.
Another Pravasi Bharti Divas is observed with speeches and pomp and show.  The Prime Minister announces that another cell or centre will be created to inform and advise the NRIs.  Creation of new offices has never been any solution of the problems and or grievances.  It is counter productive.  The need of the hour is to consider and determine the efficiency of the existing provisions.
The Prime Minister should visit the ordinary lodges of the International Airport at the capitol of India, rather than using the VIP Lodge only.  Here every annomily is brushed aside by the Airport Authority of India under the godsend pretext that major renovation and expansion programme is underway for a better tomorrow.  An administration which  cannot deliver the goods with the existing infrastucture, will really be able to do justice with the new infrastucture?
India has its Missions abroad.  Are they delivering the goods?  Has the Prime Minister been informed about the functioning of Consulate General, India, functioning at Birmingham?
The Prime Minister is not briefed adequately, otherwise a person in Manmohan Singh would have tried to reform the existing offices in the first instance!