Date: 11 Jan 2008


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I ask all those Hindu Fundamentalist, "How you can treat Indian Muslims who are 3-4th generation citizens the way Israeli's are treating 3.5 Million Arab Muslims by forcibly colonizing their Home Land?


In this instance, I am a Hindu fundamentalist who wishes to recall not 3 or 5 Muslim generations but THOUSANDS of their generations by the year 1947. 

The vicious and savage attack was as sudden as brutal and unprecedented. Hindu saint, soldier, fundamentalist or otherwise was WIPED out in five provinces of India including North Kashmir. Then the British were absolute Rulers & Masters and we had NO Hindu fundamentalist who could step forward to defend and save Lahore and Karachi, Dhaka and North Kashmir.

There was a lesson that was neither learnt nor recalled because Nehru was the "Son of a Musalman", his daughter became Mrs Khan after nikah with Feroze Khan and the present "Rashtramata" is an Italian born fundamentalist CATHOLIC. 

Who will educate the Hindus about the true nature of the INDIGENOUS Muslims today? Pakistan is learning it right now. One of the 3rd or 4th generation Muslim THERE assassinated Benazir Bhutto and injured hundreds more in recent attacks.

By the way, there was NO fundamentalist Muslim till the day of PARTITION and there was not even a whisper of Khalistan so long as Lahore was in Bharat.

One fleeing Hindu from Lahore (there were FIFTEEN MILLION of us fleeing Pakistan as compared to 1.5 million Palestinians in 1948 for whom we shed tears so quickly) who saw his daughters abducted, property looted, house burnt down, who escaped through good luck, said, "We are damn fools who think with time a snake becomes a rabbit. My ancestors have been here since the time of Sri Rama. Yet my Muslim compatriots have once again proved the rule, "Never trust a Muslim. By following this advice you stand to gain a lot but will not lose anything. Guru Gobind Singh gave this advice THREE HUNDRED years ago but we Hindus forgot it in one day. We have lost Lahore by trusting them." He added, "If one is a saint now, his grandchildren could become suicide bombers. Akbar became kind, having DEFEATED the Rajputs, and then since he had a Rajput princess delivered to him now and then, but how was his grandson AURANGZEB? What prevents us from recalling the manner, AS PER KORAN, of the murder of 7 year old son of Guru Gobind Singh and the beheading of the 10-year old lad Hakikat Rai and the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur in the centre of Delhi?

When our friends, who quote 4 generations but forget 1000 generations, de-sensitise us, we get attacked, lose more TERRITORY and countless more LIVES. Thanks to the Hindu fundamentalists who are keeping the memory alive to save us from further fragmentation of India. 

North Kashmir is GONE, West Bengal is GOING and EAST Punjab will definitely go if the HIndus do not recall history and set up 20 Holocaust Museums to remind our coming generations about the evil that the 1000th. generation of Muslims did to their Lahore and our Karachi and Kashmir."

Since Britain had 52 KILLED by 3rd generation Muslims on 21 July 2005, born and brought up in England, there is a demand for each one of them to sign the oath, "I put British Law ABOVE Sharia Law." 

Instead of trusting them fully we should be devising a similar pledge from every Ali, Khan and Mohammed, "I put Secular Law ABOVE the Sharia Law."

Irrespective of the number of generations he has lived in secular PARTITIOEND India, do not trust them if they refuse. Hindus and Sikhs do not have to sign such an Oath since our religion is already, "Love all regardless of caste, creed, GENDER, and religion."

I shall agree with you the day Pakistan and BOGUSDESH wind up voluntarily and the Hindus could return and live safely in Lahore, Sylhet and Srinagar. I shall also agree with you if the INDIAN MUSLIMS today pass a Resolution condemning the formation of Pakistan in 1947. Don't trust them if they will not do so. The reason? They are hoping that one day the Rest of India, too, will be ISLAMIC like Pakistan. Congress (Italy, Islam & the secular camp follower Hindu) will not tell this to the Hindus. Hence the birth of fundamentlaist Hidnus- out of sheer necessity to survive the constant battering and bashing from all sides.

Finally the Israelis are most humane since they have not slaughtered a couple of million of Palestinians like the TWO MILLION HINDUS massacred, and many more abducted, raped, mutilated, amimed and impoverished in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1947.  Palestinians ought to touch the feet of Israelis in gratitude for being so merciful.

Much reduced PARTITIONED India absorbed those FIFTEEN MILLION refugees. Yet not one Islamic republic is prepared to take these Palestinians in order to end the issue (and their misery) for ever and to let tiny Israel exist in peace.

There are FIFTY TWO unashamed self proclaimed separatist FUNDAMENTALIST Islamic republics on earth where the civic rights of a Hindu are far worse than those of a 4th generation Mohammedan in tolerant secular partitioned "Hindu" India. 

May we have MANY MORE Hindu fundamentalists to take the frontier back to Khyber, to rebuild Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, to encourage a HINDU actor to kiss and dance with a Musalmani actress in a Bollywood film, to take the post of "Rashtramata" away from the Italian born ex maid, and to still the cry for Khalistan.