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date: 21 jan 2008


the king died. the heir apparent was away from the capital trying to put down a rebellion. there was none to ascend the throne immediately. 

the death of the king had caused a power vacuum. there were restive governors in distant provinces that were waiting for the right moment to raise the flag of revolt and invade the capital. the cabinet met in emergency. they decided that it was not in national interest to broadcast the news of king? death. it would be dangerous for peace in realm. there would be widespread unrest and needless loss of lives if the rampant anti national factions or forces tried to take advantage of the situation in order to serve their own cause. the cabinet, therefore, decided to suppress the news of the king? death till the crown prince could return and was duly crowned.

there is a similar ugly truth about india? so-called independence. now that 60 years have passed, is it time to tell the nation? we think, yes.

history bears it out conclusively that nothing succeeds like surprise attack. on the morning of september 11, 2001 no one in the world knew as to what was to be the fate of world trade centre towers by the end of the day.

hitler surprised the world on september 1, 1939, by invading poland without a formal declaration of war. the world was as prepared then to meet hitler? challenge as the people of india were prepared to meet the fearsome islamic onslaught on august 15, 1947. 

hitler? surprise attack on poland and france bore spectacular results. within months his armies were near moscow to the north and cairo to the south. the west fought the evil till the end when a defeated germany signed unconditional surrender and lived to repent their evil deed.

the islamic attack on india was nothing else but civil war without a formal declaration. it was an attack on the integrity of their own motherland and the cherished principle of secularism and equality of all citizens before law of land. it bore even more spectacular results and its gains were to be permanent.

within days they massacred nearly two million innocent people and drove out millions more from their homes, and conquered one third of india. 

indian leaders, whom we had considered great stalwarts and courageous fighters for freedom quickly conceded defeat and signed the unconditional surrender of five provinces, in full or part.

thus totally humiliated and ashamed, our leaders, including pandit jawaharlal nehru and mahatma gandhi, held a quick counsel and decided to suppress the truth.

?one is to mention partition, civil war or surrender. we will wipe out the memory and call it independence.?

everyone knows it by now though none dares to articulate the truth.

for us hitler was like our own indigenous muslims under the leadership of mohammed ali jinnah, president of all-india muslim league, former president of all-india congress party. 

our counterparts of admiral doenitz, who signed the unconditional surrender on behalf of defeated germany, were pandit jawaharlal nehru and mahatma mk gandhi who found themselves equally helpless and in extreme peril like doenitz. 

one might now enquire as to what were the conditions of that unconditional surrender imposed on india in 1947.

here they are, as best as can be assumed to have been dictated by the victorious muslim to the defeated indian leaders:

1.  we shall cut and chop all those areas and regions of india where muslims are more than 51% of population.

2.  we shall then ensure, as per the teachings of koran, the total extermination, or submission and degradation, of the hindus and sikhs trapped in our newly created islamic republic.

3.  under our islamic constitution, a hindu will be a second class citizen, a slave or servant, delivered to the same final fate as the jews in nazi germany, while every muslim will feel proud and superior to the "infidels".

4.  hindus in hindustan may call it bharat or india. they will not ?ouch the whiskers?of any muslim but go secular and treat us more than equal. 

none will ever speak of expulsion of the muslims from india or their internment as the americans did to the japanese citizens as soon as they went to war against japan.

whenever possible, partitioned india will appoint muslim governors, ministers, counsellors, advisers, broadcasters, ambassadors and even supreme commanders (presidents).

while lying low, you will raise the foreigners, especially the italians, over your heads once again. not one of your prime ministers will ever say, "brown is beautiful". they will perpetuate the superiority of the white race once again.

5. any part of your secular republic that our warriors, jehadis, ghazis and mujahideen conquer or occupy, will belong to us in perpetuity.

having dictated such a devastating "panch sheel" (five conditions of partition) indian muslim leaders then ordered the defeated hindus (and sikhs) to 

(1) celebrate the darkest day of their history by calling it "independence day", and 

(2) never to be inspired by the jews who have set up holocaust museums everywhere to commemorate their dead. 

(3) you will swear while kneeling before us, "we will regard our own dead as expendable and, therefore, unmentionable. we will not erect any memorials to them or establish holocaust museums."

indian muslims, who were given the choice of either moving out to pakistan or staying back in india, then terrorised the hindu nation to such an extent that one cannot see any sign of partition on ground except in the bleeding hearts of the survivors or those who lost their property and girls to the islamic beasts in human form.

today a mighty new global surge is taking place. while the muslim fundamentalist separatist "beast" is being checked and contained in middle east, its fury is turning towards the soft partitioned indian secular state (p.i.s.s.) once again.

under its huge crushing weight and force, the remaining hindu defences are crumbling fast. simply see the key posts at the top in india that the hindus have willingly and voluntarily conceded to their sworn enemies who had delivered such a lethal blow to india in 1947.

for many a key post, including that of the president of republic, a most highly qualified and most eligible hindu is ignored or set aside in order to put a mohammedan or a christian in the chair in order to look secular. 

lack of conviction, self esteem and pride are proverbial in an average hindu due to relentless and non stop conditioning, brainwashing and intimidation in the last one thousand years, especially in the past six decades.

there is no safety for the hindus being bashed or beaten in foreign lands, including uganda and fiji, not even closer at home in north kashmir, west punjab, nepal and east bengal.

muslims are a volatile and restless minority everywhere, and through their collective sense of inferiority, insecurity and weakness, that are imbibed through their implicit unquestioning belief in koran, they get better united and organised for attack and counter attack against the majority communities, especially the hindus who are regarded red rag by the islamic bull. 

anyone seeking proof need look no further than srinagar in south kashmir, once a tourists paradise. tourists have totally gone from there.

and what a gall, nerve, cheek and audacity of home grown muslims to deliver lethal blows right in new york, madrid and london!

hindus from srinagar are refugees in their own country. neither "mother of nation", sonia khan (indira's husband and rajiv's father feroze khan, a sunni muslim of allahabad, became a "gandhi" in order to deceive the hindu voters of nehru's constituency, and the entire world), nor the "rashtrapati? have ever taken them back with military escort to their own homes. 

what about bringing in more hindus and sikhs to settle down in south kashmir in order to raise their number just above 51%, or issuing them all with ak47 rifles for their self defence and protection? 

oh! one must be joking with such an idea of the hindus returning to their homes or to be issued with weapons for self defence. 

such a "right to return" is reserved only for the palestinians and the kosovan albanians and the turks, and anyone else who is not a hindu.

why have the rulers of india not done anything to write up at least one official volume on partition as compared to nine on mahatma mk gandhi who went silent when india needed him? why have they not done anything to keep the hope of reunification or recovery of lost territories that were surrendered without referendum or argument?

diabolical official cover up is the only reason as to why after one third of india vanished overnight from the map of the country, none noticed the unprecedented surrender of territory and the sudden loss of our holy places, temples and gurdwaras.

this is the truth that must come out into the open after 60 years.

the truth is now with the hindu leaders to comprehend, digest and then mobilise the nation into action before it is too late. the price of neglect or cowardice will be loss of the rest of india, too, in the near future.


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