Date: 26 Jan 2008


Dear Sir
A lot of controversy has generated and a good number of letters have also appeared in the media about the award of Bharat Ratna.  There is hardly any need for it.  Charity begins at home.  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has outstandingly talented colleagues in his cabinet and he could easily recommend atleast one of them.  
His Health Minister is renowned for his stubbornness and had to be roped in by the High Court.  His Law Minister and Culture Minister have shown extraordinary appreciation of Law and Culture in the 
matter of Affidavit to the appex court regarding Setu Samundram.  His acrobatic Railway Minister has one of the best record of being against the Communal Forces, but has gone into oblivion after the BJP victory in Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh.  
These noted personalities may be the real and deserving candidates for the Highest Award of the land!
Yours sincerely
BK Chaudhari