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date: 30 jan 2008


anywhere else in the world where a political party surrenders one third of country to the enemy without fight, argument or referendum, the said party would be exterminated within days, its leaders would meet the fate of mussolini and caucescu. but gandhi's "demolished" india celebrated history's worst ever traitors like gandhi and nehru as heroes and patriots.


congress party in decline - 

sonia gandhi has been unable to overcome the shock of the gujarat defeat.

by yogita verma  

 30 january 2008: while the general elections are due next year, and polls tobey states like delhi, madhya pradesh, rajasthan, karnataka, jammu and kashmir and chhattisgarh are coming up, the congress party appears unprepared. the party has no primeministerial candidate even as the principal opposition party, the bjp, has cleared the former deputy prime minister, l k advani, for the top job. the bjp has commenced taunting the congress party that even as it cannot and won? repeat , his ?nointed successor? rahul gandhi, is not ready, and worse, appears unwilling. 


insiders admit that the congress party? problems have exacerbated since narendra modi? spectacular and not unexpected victory in the gujarat assembly elections. significantly, the congress president, sonia gandhi, fell seriously ill. while the hospital where she was admitted said she had chest infection, the times of india reported that she was being treated for pneumonitis, which was promptly denied. whatever be the truth, congress party sources said that she had burnt out in the gujarat campaign. they also confessed that sonia gandhi, the party? star campaigner, was no more strong enough to shoulder the electoral burden as doughtily as before. ?his is a serious setback for the party,?a senior congress politician said. 


previously, the congress party banked entirely on mrs gandhi to carry the burden of electioneering. sonia, or rather the dynastic culture of the party, is responsible for all decisions and actions centring on and around her. also, the dynastic successor is rahul gandhi. sonia gandhi has chosen him for this, bypassing her more capable daughter, priyanka vadera. none of this would matter if sonia were physically as strong as before. except that not only is she worn out health-wise, she is psychologically scarred by the gujarat rout, according to congress party sources. 


even this would be manageable if rahul gandhi showed promise. but it is apparent that he is not making the grade, or not making it sufficiently rapidly to compensate for his mother? slowdown. therefore, when the bjp president, rajnath singh, in his address at the party? national council in delhi, said that it was ironic that ?hile the congress does have a prime minister, it does not have a primeministerial candidate? the congress party was stung. while congress party spokespersons lashed out at the bjp, it was clear that the barb had gone home. key concern is about political security, and the growing leaderlessness of the congress party is creating a gap. sonia gandhi was given to believe by some of her close advisors that certain caste and anti-incumbency factors would lead to a victory over modi. a victory in gujarat would have so boosted the congress party that it would have called for early general elections. this is no secret. modi has himself mentioned this. with modi down, the congress party hoped to walk all over the bjp. 


why modi won is another story. his own party was conspiring against him. the rss and vhp were opposed. his arrogance was unbelievable for a politician on the campaign trail. defying all these factors, he emerged victorious. the media also, by and large, turned against him. with so much ranged against modi, sonia came to believe, according to congress sources, that the party had a chance. ?onia has little to no understanding of india or its politics,?said a senior politician. ?he believed what she was told. the party spent huge sums of money in the state. sonia also thought that if she went ballistic against modi, it would turn the scales in favour of the party.?


yogita verma is reporter. 

to be continued?


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congress party in decline - 1

sonia gandhi has been unable to overcome the shock of the gujarat defeat.