Date: 30 Jan 2008


Our political masters have declared 30th Jan, the day when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was assassinated as a Martyrs' Day.  Gandhi Vadh was carried out by Nathuram V. Godse.  Immediately after this Godse said:
Actually my life ended, when I fired at Gandhi.  Thereafter I am in a state of SAMADHI and living a detatched life.
I admit that Gandhi did suffer for the country and I am humble about his services, but even this servant of India has no right to deceive the countrymen and vivisect the country.
If being a patriotic is a sin, then I admit I have sinned and if it is pious, I have a rightful claim for that.
I have unshaken belief that my action was completely justified.  I haven't 
 slightest doubt that in future, honest Historians will indeed confirm my action as correct. 
Source: Why I killed Gandhi ( Surya Bharti Prakashann, Delhi)
Now let us ponder at what a leading Justice of the time said after Godse was hanged:  I have however no doubt that had the audience of that day be costituted into a Jury and entrusted with the task of deciding Godse's appeal, they would have brought in a verdict of "NOT GUILTY" by overwhelming majority.
Justice JD Khosla, Punjab High Court (The Murder of the Mahatma - Page 234)
We can see how the facts have been cocealede and oppressed!  Shouldn't Godse be declared as a Martyr for the cause of AKHAND BHARAT!    
BK Chaudhari