Date: 04 Feb 2008


The worst legacy of Gandhi was PARTITIONED INDIA, PARTITIONED PUNJAB, PARTITIONED BENGAL AND PARTITIONED KASHMIR, and not to forget the TWO MILLION massacred in 1947 alone.
The coward was the LEAST INSPIRING in preserving the UNITY all round or saving his own nation from the immense loss of life. 
Having miserably FAILED to stop the birth of Pakistan he had to go for HINDU RASHTRA and it that was a loathsome idea to him, then he had to concede KHALISTAN in all fairness. 

He did not solve the Muslim problem. He kept the Hindus back in pseudo-secular boiling pot and created the Kashmir Problem and the Sikh Problem. Such was the man India’s ruling establishment calls “Father of Nation”. What kind of a “Father”! What kind of a nation!
The British left VOLUNTARILY, giving credit to Gandhi to enslave the nation by the name "GANDHI" for ever.
Legacy of Gandhi will bring DOOM to Partitioned India (Hindustan) eventually.