Date: 08 Feb 2008




Following a macabre pattern of life every new generation after a Holocaust has absolutely no idea of the death and destruction suffered by the previous generation unless their memory is kept alive by constant reminders, drumming, commemorative ceremonies, books, films and documentaries.


In this regard at one end we find the Jews who have actively kept the memory of their Holocaust "alive" in public mind, and on the other hand we find the Indians who have had no such memory mechanism with the result that generation after generation they went through the same scenario of horrible bloodshed, disasters and surrenders without becoming the least wiser. 

The last major onslaught on India took place in 1947. She was forced to surrender five provinces to her indigenous Muslims. Countless Hindus were slaughtered and millions forced out of their ancestral homes in Pakistan. But India did nothing to keep the memory alive. Instead, she deleted the word “Partition” from public mind, calling it “Independence”. So much for being wiser for the next civil war or the external invasion.


The main cause of India's most humiliating defeat in 1947 was the nation's blind faith in their top leader, Mahatma ("Revered Soul") Gandhi. 

None dared to contradict him. In the event the Reverend Mahatma led them to their "final solution" at the hands of the terrorist/separatist Muslim minority.


Gandhi was "removed" by assassin's bullets but only AFTER the damage had been done and India's unity and integrity blasted out of existence. 

Most rational Indians now wish that Gandhi had been "removed" BEFORE he could scuttle Independence and facilitate Partition.

We in the United Kingdom ought to be wiser. To consider the Archbishop of Canterbury faultless and flawless is to invite eventual death and destruction of this country.


Britons will face a very dangerous future if they start conceding and accommodating "savage, inflexible and archaic" Islamic laws in their own social fabric. 

Someone has to give the call to "rank and file" to STAND UP. The Archbishop appears to be the re-incarnation of Mahatma Gandhi.

8 feb 08.