Date: 11 Feb 2008


Do We Have The Will? Part One 
An Important Message From Brigitte Gabriel 

Over the past six weeks, we have emailed you information about:

The Archbishop of Canterbury stating that the imposition of sharia law in Great Britain is now “unavoidable,” and would be beneficial for “social cohesion.”

A Des Moines, Iowa imam who gave the opening prayer at the Iowa 2008 legislative session, in which he called on Allah to “give us victory over those who disbelieve” – meaning victory over “infidels.”

A Muslim demonstration in an American city, in which Muslims trampled the American flag while proclaiming allegiance only to Allah and Islamic law.

Al Qaeda aggressively using the Internet to recruit German Turkish Muslims to go to Pakistan to train to be terrorists.

New York legislation that has been introduced to protect authors from being harassed and intimidated by Muslims who are filing libel lawsuits in foreign courts.

How Islam is being advanced in our public schools, through distorted and sanitized depictions of it that gloss over or deny the Qu’ran’s repeated commands to subjugate and kill “infidels.”

We have also posted on our news site stories such as:

British Bishop Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali’s announcement that there are now “no-go zones” in Great Britain, where non-Muslims dare not go under threat of violence. As a result, the Bishop has received death threats from Muslim extremists.

How al Qaeda is re-focusing its attention from Iraq to planning for new terrorist attacks on the United States.

If we wanted to report on every instance, every day, of the continued and growing threat of Islamic terrorism and cultural jihad, we could fill your email boxes with dozens and dozens of reports. Once one begins seeing what is happening around us, it’s as if scales drop from the eyes, and what we once were oblivious to we now see with clarity. And what we see is that we face a determined, tenacious foe who is ultimately more dangerous to the peace, prosperity and liberty of the world than Communism was.

Lee Harris, in his recent book The Suicide of Reason: Radical Islam’s Threat to the West, argues convincingly that one of the reasons “radical Islam” is such a looming and powerful threat is because most people in the West, including our government leaders, fail to understand the nature of the threat and lack the will to resist it. On page 244 he states: “We have come to believe that we are invulnerable, that we have accumulated such power and wealth that it is unimaginable that our dominance could be challenged.”

He goes on to say that the standard “moral outrage” response from the West whenever a terrorist act occurs is literally dangerous, in that it “deludes us into thinking it has any appreciable effect... It doesn’t.” (p. 261).

He notes, correctly, that Islamists see the world as “us” vs. “them” – “believers” vs. “infidels” – and that the “believers” are dedicated to disrupting the current “world order” by creating chaos and disorder, so that through that chaos they can seize “historical momentum” to advance Islam through jihad.

This is why they engage in terrorism – not because such acts will necessarily bring down governments (though in Spain they in fact did), but they create fear, disorder and potential anarchy – golden opportunities for jihad to advance.

Harris writes, “The jihadists are not interested in winning in our sense of the word. They can succeed simply by making the present world order unworkable, by creating conditions in which politics as usual is no longer an option…” (p. 229). “Muslim fanatics believe that by destroying the Western status quo they will be ushering in a golden age of human happiness” (p. 262).

We engage in the ultimate act of self-deception if we believe that the radical Muslims can be “reasoned with.” They can’t. They not only think different things than we do, they think differently. Their view of the world is so foreign to us that it’s difficult, if not impossible, for many in the West to understand why they do what they do.

Towards the end of the book Harris argues that, if our enlightened civilization is to survive, we must be prepared – and have the will – to defend our way of life. But he observes that societies that achieve our level of peace, prosperity and rationality typically have a very hard time mustering the will to resist fanatical threats to their existence.

Radical Muslims around the world believe that America does not have the will to resist jihad, and that victory for Allah is inevitable. That they believe this gives them a strength, patience and determination to fight a war that they acknowledge may not see its successful conclusion – the domination of the world by Islam – for decades if not centuries. Harris notes, “While we think little further than our retirement, they think in terms of centuries…” (p. 260).

The good news is this -- the will to fight for our nation’s security and founding values does not need to be shared by all, or even most, Americans. History demonstrates that an organized, informed and committed minority of Americans, a minority who have the will, can change the course of the nation.

So, do we, members of ACT! for America and American Congress for Truth, have the will to resist the rising tide of Islamofascism?

Do we have the will to vigorously defend the values of Western Civilization that have produced the greatest peace, prosperity and liberty the world has ever known?

Do we have the will to fight for our safety, security, liberty, peace and prosperity, for ourselves now, and for the children and grandchildren who will follow us?

Do we have the will? That is the question I will explore in tomorrow’s email.

Yours in defense of America,

Brigitte Gabriel


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