Date: 18 Feb 2008


KOSOVO and my thoughts

Today, February 18, 2008, US and UK recognized Kosovo as an independent islamic country.

So, the reality is dawning on some people now who once cheered Bush-Chaney-Rumsfield's
misadventure in Iraq. American and British blind support to islamic Kosovo's independence should 
open the eyes who are still refusing to see the reality. US and UK are creating another monster
in the european heartland which will haunt the west in years to come. Refreshingly, Spain
has not only criticised this anglo-american ill-conceived move, but also has taken a hard-line
against the Kosovo independence. Madrid bombing is still fresh in its mind.

American and British move on Kosovo has validated another hypothesis: 
whereever muslims are majority - the nonmuslims have no hope - either they are foced to convert 
or driven out; and whereever the muslims are minority, they can't live peacefully with the nonmuslims 
and they demands a seperate homeland. This is precisely the goal of Ummah - the universal 
islam.Independent media are analyzing this US-UK nod to Kosovo in a different way. 
They are not buying the crap of "democracy" that Bush doled out this morning while visiting Tanzania
when asked about Kosovo. After the Iraq fiasco with a load of lies, these two countries are now 
desperate to salvage some face-saving grace in the muslim world, by accepting Kosovo's 
independence. Note that these are the two countries who helped set up KLA (Kosovo Liberation 
Army), a rabidly islamic fundamentalist militia with 100 million US dollars - US tax payers' money, 
which was used to fight eastern orthodox christian (and secular) Serbian forces. Guess what,
some of these KLA members have been found fighting on behalf of Al Qaeda in Iraq. A poetic
justice, perhaps.

US and UK, history has witnessed, have created the islamic monsters repeatedly, for its narrow 
selfish gains, which has brought in tragedies after tragedies on the civil society. These are the 
two countries who created the black-snake, Osama Bin laden, in the name of fighting soviet army 
in Afghanistan. US and UK are the backers of the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) where the women
have no right to vote or dirve a car. It is the House of Saud, which helps spread fanatic Wahabi
islam, which OBL preaches, with doled out billions of petro dollars. As long as this wahabism
killed innocent civilians in India, Indonesia or in other places, US and UK looked the other way.
After 9-11, US-UK are just trying to save their own boat from 'terrorism' by diverting it to
other countries, instead of eradicating completely from the face of the earth. Don't forget, just
a week before 9-11 happened, Taliban trade delegation was visiting Crawford, Texas, Bush's ranch 
house, to negotiate oil pipeline passing through Afghanistan. Then suddenly, after 9-11, CIA's 
mouth-pieces - CNN and FOX channels suddenly discovered how the afghani women were brutalized
under Taliban. They didn't discover that a week before 9-11, when the Taliban trade delegation
visiting Crawford.

Iraq had nothing to do with wahabism or 9-11. In fact, no matter how brutal Saddam Hussain was 
to his own people, he made sure that wahabism never took roots in Iraq, and thereby saving the rest 
of the world from some grief. Under Saddam, it was Iraq which had consistently supported India on the 
Kashmir issue. Iraq, though officially an islamic country under Saddam, was the most secular, forward 
looking, progressive society. Guess what, on Indo-Pak issue, Iraq under Saddam always cast it's ballot
against Pakistan - the source of all terrorism today. Yet, this secular society has been destroyed
by the US-UK (mis)adventure under a pile of lies- called "WMD". Now that Saddam is gone, Iraqi women
are now forced to cover their faces, men are killed for going to a barber's shop to shave, islamic
fundamentalism is now taking roots which will make lives miserable for millios of people in generations to
come. Saddam may have killed thirty thousand people in his thirty years of reign. But US-UK's invasion
has engineered deaths of three-hundred thousand civilians in just three years. This is just a conservative
estimate. Actual figures may be much higher. So, wo is the culprit in spreading islamic terrorism?
You be the judge.

What's more? Generous gifts of arms and ammunition to Pak army using US-UK tax payer's money had 
been used against democratic India by the military dictators of Pakistan in 1949, 1965, 1971, 1999, and 
in numerous border skirmishes. With CIA's blessings, Benazir Bhutto gave a free hand to Pakistani spy 
agency ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) to create Taliban so that Pakistan could have a 'strategic depth' 
in Afghanistan. It was also meant to create a fanatic wahabi state as a buffer against shia Iran. You get 
the point why CIA was so eager in helping ISI set up Taliban regime. Under CIA's instigation, ISI deputed 
fanatic 'islamic shcolars' to dig out references from Qran and Hadith to glorify suicide attacks, all in the 
name of islam. This was to motivate the fanatic jihadists with martyrdom, brainwashed in ISI safehouses 
in Peashwar and Quetta, to attack Soviet military convoys with amarican supplied weapons. This was 
early eighties, and Osama was the blue eyed boy of CIA at that time. What an irony, CIA has a bounty 
of 25 million dollars on Osama's head now - US tax payers' hard-earned money. Will it happen for Kosovo?
Only time will tell. But the field -tested methods of suicide bombings and car bombings are becoming more
frequest in Afghanistan, which should have been stable after the 'rout' of Taliban about six and half years 

So, where does the american ill-conceived policy of 'war on terrorism' is leading us to? probably another
9-11. That day doesn't seem too far.