Date: 23 Feb 2008


Rajput and Hindu soldiers were equally stronger but were disunited , had not learnt the technique of mass murder and butchery because of moral and cultural inhibitions and belief in the code of conduct i.e. Dharma.  
Yes the mongols were better soldiers as horsemen and as foot warriors and had constantly practised killing of animals to sustain their killing instinct. But on 1 to 1 basis , Rajputs matched them on the battlefields. Remember, most of the battles took place between the Rajputs themselves , those supporting and colluding with the invaders and those opposing the invaders. But most often, opponents were outnumbered and mercilessly slaughtered. 
Prithvi Raj kicked Ghazni 17 times in arrogance and considered him a nuisance rather than a really troblesome enemy.Come in the picture, the colluding JaiChandra and Prithvi Raj was butchered mercilessly at his first capture. Had Prithvi Raj killed Ghazni on the first go, history would have been different.Rana Kumbh bore 84 wounds on his body and was never captured or defeated.
Rana Pratap with one swipe of sword cut the Afghan General and his horse in two pieces. Pratap went inside the tent of akbar at night and could have killed him but did not because of code Rajput conduct. 
Killing thousands of innocent people and the soldiers and piling their heads in a mountain in the center of the town for the rest of the town to see was a technique developed and mastered by Changhiz Khan, the worst barbarian Mongol of all. He displayed 100,000 skulls in the city of Samarkand after the slaughter done by his soldiers in one day. Hindu kings never practised that, otherwise, Pandavs would have displayed the Kaurav skulls in Kuruxetra but we know that did not happen.
Hindu kings fought during the day and never at night, always fought with the soldiers and never killed civilians and when one king died or was defeated, the other just took over and ordinary people did not sufffer or were not affected. All that changed with the arrival of descendants of barbaric mongols or moghuls as we call them. Humayun,Babar,akbar, Jahangir and Aurangbeb were all butchers and Barbarians.
From now on we should call Akbar, AKBAR THE BUTCHER (and not Akbar the Great which has been shoved down our throats over past few centuries) and spread this like a wild fire all over for the world to see and know the truth about this evil man.
The Moghuls were nothing but barabrians,butchers,cruel,reckless and psychotic rulers.In other words they were the ASUR as our scriptures describe them. Finally, Harisingh Nahlwa and Ranjit Singh set the record right by punishing these barbarians in the right way using the measures that drove these butchers out of Kashmir, Punjab and North India.