Date: 16 Mar 2008


Hindi is in danger of declining and extremely polluted – 25

Ignoring Hindi and adopting Urdu and English in Bhaarat

            In independent Bhaarat for appeasing Muslims, Urdu is encouraged to the tilt by all political parties and all kinds of Hindi media. People do not realise by promoting Urdu and English in independent Bhaarat, decline of Hindi and nationalism will take place. It is also insult for Hindus that in independent Bhaarat foreign languages are being promoted. Since nineteen century Muslims have adopted Urdu as its religious, political, and community language. In two nation theory and for the demand of Pakistan by dividing Bhaarat in to two nations, Urdu language contributed a lot for the division of Bhaarat. After partition even lots of Muslim population stayed behind in Bhaarat instead of going to Pakistan. For getting their vote, congress party and some other small partied started satisfying Muslims and promoting Urdu language in their political activities.  Whether there is need or not, Urdu teachers are appointed on large scale in many Hindu schools. In Aligarh and Jamia Milia Universities, education of Urdu language is compulsory while all the expenses of these universities are borne by Bhaaratiya government along with the salary of teachers. Bhaaratiya government spends money on Muslim institutions, by collecting tax money from Hindus, which should be used for the promotion of Sanskrit and Hindi instead of Urdu. One more Urdu university has been established in Hyderabad and the other Urdu university Muhammad Ali Johar is going to be opened soon in Uttar Pradesh. In many Hindi states, Urdu has been given co- official status of the state. Even some non-Hindi states where Urdu is not spoken to an appreciable amount, there also Urdu has been given co – official status. After Hindi, there are Urdu newspapers and magazines on the second number in Bhaarat.

In whole Bhaarat there is probably no Hindi university, while there are 3 Urdu universities, one more Urdu University would likely be set up in near future, one Punjabi University or could be more.

Along with the ignoring of Hindi and Sanskrit by Bhaaratiya and state governments, all the Hindi writers, speakers, editors, intentionally or due to ignorance, put too many Urdu words along with Farsi, Turkish and Arabic words in Hindi to make it multi coloured or universal in their writings, speeches, sermons, but actually make Hindi colorless and ugly. As Compared to Hindi writers, speakers, editors, all kinds of Urdu media and speakers, writers use Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish words rather than adopting any Hindi or other Bhaaratiya language words. Present Hindi media people are just like MAVALI----- Mawali was a Mumbai term for a street loafer, labourer. Some people use such term as street Gunda as well, but I am not sure what true meaning of Mawali is.  I consider mawali just a laborer. In old days ---if some one used that kind of a language---then they were treated as a low character individual.
  Some teachers encourage students to USE SANSKRIT WORD INSTEAD of Urdu or English words.

Hindi language which has been made ugly and multi coloured is becoming difficult to understand with in the state promotion of Urdu and English, what to say of the position and nature of Hindi language in inter states. In fact due to use of so many English and Urdu words in Hindi it has become colorless language.

Many people from southern states raise questions about the quality and purity of Hindi. By pointing out that such  words from Arabic, Farsi or Turkish language in Hindi, they ask that for learning Hindi they would have to learn Urdu, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish as well and also have to keep the dictionaries of Urdu, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish languages. Hindi media people do not realise that by putting so many Urdu and English words, they are turning off many people from learning Hindi, even Hindi speaking people become less enthusiastic for Hindi. 

Such an ugly, multicoloured or colourless, mixed with mud Hindi language cannot be the language of Hindu community, or national language or for laws, or for higher education or research purposes.  Such an ugly Hindi language can be of uneducated lower people or of Gali Kucha people or loafers, or trades institutions or people of anti Hindi media.


Those intellectual secular people who like and prefer Urdu or connected with Urdu language should know that after the creation of Pakistan, Urdu has been Islamised and associated with Islam religion. On one side Urdu has become the national language of Pakistan and on the other side for spreading Islam in Bhaarat Urdu language is used for giving education on separation. Urdu has become the language of madrasas and other Muslim education centres. 


Along with many ill effects of promoting Urdu at the cost of Hindi, Sanskrit and other Bhaaratiya languages, one other effect of Urdu is that most Kavi Sammelans any where in the world are converted into Musharas.  It may be Kavi Sammelan or Mushiara, program instead of starting with prayer of Saraswati, start with Naatiya Kalaami.e. program starts by praying to Prophet Muhammad who is founder if Islam and first ruler of Muslim empire. In short urdunisation of Hindi is the first step of islamisation of Hindi. The way Hindi is Urdunised, and then in near future probably Hindi may be written in Farsi script. In fact this demand has been made in the constitution assembly that Hindi be written in Farsi script, but this demand was declined. At that time it was decided that Hindi be written in Devanagari script.


Once I got a mail from a person who belongs to a Hindi organization. I once asked from them what they do for spreading Hindi. He did not answer that question, but said that he does not see any harm if Urdu and English words are used in Hindi as English has adopted words from other languages. I was surprised at the poor knowledge of this member of Hindi organization. English is pauper language while Hindi is rich language from words point of view. Due to his poor knowledge that English due to pauperness of English words, English has need of borrowing words while Hindi being rich in word do not need of borrowing words.

To spread Hindi is a difficult task. It needs much dedication. This is lack of ignorance and it is a sin to be ignorant about facts which directly concerns Hindi.
You can make persons with brick wall stubbornness understand but not many Hindus because they are psychologically and mentally slave of Urdu and English. Both these languages have jointly destroyed the Bhaaratiya Languages and are destroying now.
Urdu is responsible for the division of Bharat and destroying the culture of Hindus, this fact must be realized by Hindus.
Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and we have nothing to do with it.
The present U.P.A. government has started an Urdu TV channel in Bhaarat.  Anti Hindu and anti –national UPA govt. is making efforts to spread Urdu more in Bhaarat than Hindi and other Bhaaratiya languages.

We have so many languages but we are ignoring our Bhaaratiya languages and not doing any effort to promote or research to increase vocabulary of these languages so the result will be death of some of these Bhaaratiya languages .English has destroyed many languages in the world including languages in Scotland and Wales.
            For spreading pure Hindi and Sanskrit languages, government must make some laws. Due to secular nature, it is doubtful if pure Hindi would ever become popular and media people use it. If we people open some schools and also schools for journalism where education is given in pure Hindi, then about 5% difference might be made.

If you have any ideas, then let us discuss it and make plans for achieving it. At the present lot of media people are mentally slave people of English and Urdu.