Date: 17 Mar 2008


In Delhi alone the following have been named just exclusively after Rajiv Gandh.
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.  It is Chaired by no other person, but Sonia.
Rajiv Bhavan(the Airport Authority of India Offices)
Rajiv Chowk (Connaught Place)
His Statue also appears in the Parliament Complex
Rajiv Cancer Research Hospital in Rohini District of Delhi
Various Academies are attributed to his name
Certain Awards are also given in his name
His face (as with other members of the Clan) has appeared on Currency Coins
The country is littered with streets, bridges, offices, institutions with Nehru-Gandhi names and this includes several Universities too.  Now Hyderabad Airport is in his name.  You are aware that Delhi Airport is in his mother's name.
Sometime ago we were bombarded with the slogan “ Indira is India” and “India is Indira” (and nothing else) now the dynasty's off-spring says that there has never been India, and never will be India, but only Nehru-Gandhi India.
Rahul Gandhi recently barked that it was his Great grandfather, who secured independence, and it 
was his Grandmother, who brought victory to India against Pakistan and he further claimed that it was his father, who brought technological revolution in India.
This ignorant guy does not know the price India is paying for Nehru's follies in view of the disastrous partition and the vivisection of Motherland.  The Kashmir problem is Nehru's gift to India, which he shamelessly and with cowardice put into the lap of Bharat Mata.  The China debacle and his treacherous remarks that not even a single blade of grass grows there (the sacred Bharat Bhoomi, occupied by China) are shocking and very humiliating to those who love Bharat more than their lives.
The dynasty has no regard for our valiant and brave soldiers, who laid down their lives for Bharat Mata.
General Jagjit Singh Aurora got 92,000 enemy soldiers by their necks and dumped them at the feet of Bharat Mata.  Yet this Hero is forgotten, not honoured, and like Subhash Chandra Bose, has been marginalised or pushed into oblivian.
There are other tall figures even within Congress, such as Rajan Babu, Rajaji, Shastriji. Sardar Patel but they have been undermined as compared with the “Vishwas-ghaati” Vansh.  Chief Justice Khanna, who recently left for his heavenly abode will also meet similar fate.  This son of India faced the brunt of Indira Gandhi's Emergency and vouched vigorously for Human Rights in India.
Text books are working day and night to glorify, and offer gratitude only and exclusively to, the Nehru - Gandhi Dynasty.