Date: 24 Mar 2008


Welcome Sir, Dr Kalam, WELCOME,

Please interact with us and give us some wisdom. 
We TRUST you as we trust SONIA ji from Italy. Which NATIVE Hindu lady is a patch to her? And which NATIVE Hindu scholar, scientist or genius is a patch to YOU?

You, Sir, love Sanskrit, read Gita with devotion, are vegetarian and a brahmchari. You are 110 per cent Hindu but for God's sake do not say "I AM A HINDU," since after they put Delhi under the same flag that flies over Lahore, none will say, "He was a s.o.b. who joined the Kafirs."

You deserve a medal for Grand Deception of gullible simple trusting Hindus who cannot see Karachi or East Bengal on the map of their Bharat for having TRUSTED Gandhiji and followed him BLINDLY.