Date: 29 Mar 2008


FACT-India . 
41 Jorbagh (1st floor), 
New Delhi 110003. India. 

                                                                                                                              New Delhi, 29. 3. 08
Dear friends, 

As you know, Facts' Aurangzeb, exhibition, a three year effort to showcase history & art 
and which was shown without any problem in Delhi's Habitat Centre, G-Gallery Bangalore 
and Balagandharva - Pune (where it was viewed by more than a hundred thousand people),was 
vandalized in Chennai without any provocation. This blind radicalism is what FACT India is fighting. 
It is disheartening that instead of protecting the artworks, Mr. Murali, Assistant Commissioner 
Police Chennai (Egmore), broke himself two paintings depicting the demolition of Temples on 
Aurangzeb's orders. The Police also illegally detained three women volunteers after dark, after 
forcing them to close down the show. Many of the paintings have been badly damaged in the 
process and the Lalit Kala Academy of Chennai, a Government concern, refuses to let us inspect them.

FACT India intends to redo the entire exhibition and present the same before the people of the nation for 
their verdict. We need not only moral support from each one of you, but also financial help as FACT is 
very stretched at the moment.

1) To redo the entire exhibition (total cost Rs. 8,5 lakhs or $ 21,000)
2) To pay for a lawyer so as to file a case in the Madras High Court (appr Rs. 4 lakhs or $ 10,000). 

It would be useful if you could pass this email among your friends, so that we can raise a consolidated amount 
of money. Please try in this manner to send cheques of a minimum of Rs.10,000 (or Rs. 10,001/-) 200 $ or .
Small cheques are most welcome, but they entail a lot of paperwork. 

For further details and information do not hesitate to write to contact Veeru Chowdhary, FACT's All India representative at or (91) 9871949094 

Warm regards 

François Gautier/ trustee FACT 
Veeru Chowdhary /FAIR 

Watch the vandalism on camera:

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