Date: 12 Apr 2008


Friday 11 April 2008. 

Lawyers took out processions in all towns and cities of Pakistan, including Multan where in 1947 the Pakistani murderers assassinated a prominent lawyer, Nanak Singh (March 5, 2947),. and "celebrated" the death of Secularism and United India.
According to reports on Pakistani media on Wednesday, 9 April 2008,  six of them were burnt alive in a multistorey building occupied by lawyers in Karachi that was set on fire by none else but MOHAMMEDAN hooligans.
Pakistani TV "Geo News" showed grieving MUSLIM families and orphaned children and the wailing parents of the dead lawyers, shedding tears and crying, "Who will take care of these innocent children?"
Flashback goes to March 1947 when the followsers of Mohammed set fire not only to just one building but to the entire citry of Multan that resulted in the full scale exodus of grieving Hindu and Sikh families, widows and orphans within weeks from the whole of Pakistan.
The earlier generation of these very lawyers "killed" all legal knowledge of "one law for all", Secularism and Justice that they had acquired while studying for their degrees during British rule. 

Overnight they adopted Mohammed's "Kafir Killing" Sharia Law and watched the murder, loot and arson of hundreds of thousands of innocent Hindus and Sikhs. 

Today Divine Retribution has struck back with vengeance. Watch Pakistani TV channels to see the Pakistani pillars of law, "WUKLAA" (lawyers, advocates and barristers), in black suit and tie, being shot dead, burnt alive, beaten up and chased along streets.

Even Kafirs, Infidels and self-respecting females (TWO female witnesses are equal to ONE MALE witness, as per Sharia Law) are crying, "ALHAMDULILLAH!" {Praise Be To God).
God's Justice has come round a full circle. Photos of those orphaned of at least one family at that time 60 years ago can be seen in the book, "DONíT BREAK UP INDIA".