Date: 01 May 2008


SOMEONE HAS DARED TO DEFY THE WILL OF NEHRU, GANDHI AND SONIA KHAN and touched on the issue of a Free Sikh State.

One would say that it is not just for some emotionally charged goal but rests on fundamental basis.

We, the rational patriotic citizens of Bharat, conclude that Free Sikh State or Khalistan is a vital requirement for the very survival of tiny Sikh community in much reduced East Punjab for the following reasons:-
1.  First and foremost "Khalistan because there is Pakistan." When you explode a powerful nuclear bomb all the houses, businesses, crops and shipyards within miles all round are destroyed. The earth quakes far and wide.
2.  Khalistan because Delhi will DEFEND Sri Amritsar as it defended LAHORE.
3.  Khalistan because Democracy in Hindustan is understood to be Perpetual Rule and Sway of ONE political party, e.g., Jawaharlal Nehru's All-India Congress Party and the so-called Gandhis. The old and battered leaking ship SS Hindustan is stuck in deep frozen "Hindu" QUAGMIRE and life on board is getting tougher by the minute.
4.  Anti Punjab forces have prevailed to cut and chop even East Punjab to reduce the current so-called Punjab to ONE FIFTH of its original size. (the present ugly, battered and crumbling fragments of Original Glorious PUNJAB are: West Punjab, East Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and the Union Territory of Chandigarh). These FORCES have prevailed to turn our patriotism into SHAM. 

Punjabis' BRAIN is controlled to such extent by them that step by step REDUCTION OF OUR TERRITORY (not only "LEBENSRAUM" but also "Guruan Di Dharti") raised no eyebrows.
5.  Anti national forces rule the roost in Partitioned India. They have deleted the word "PARTITION" from our vocabulary and substituted it by the word "INDEPENDENCE". It is a callous RULING establishment that is like the son marrying on the very day when his father is being cremated.
6.  Anti Hindu/Sikh FORCES have laid siege to the Middle India called Bharat. They are tightening the noose around our necks. There is a vast Fifth Column roaming free in the Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) that will RISE as one man as they did in 1947 to smash secular "Akhand Bharat".
7.  The demoralised Hindu nation dare not designate a day in entire year, to be known as "SURRENDER DAY" to commemorate the memory of loss ot Lahore, Sri Nankana Sahib and Khyber. 
8.  The demoralised Hindu nation dare not establish a single Holocaust Museum to tell the story of PERSECUTED PERISHING Hindus and Sikhs in the manner of Jewish Holocaust Museums in Jerusalem, Prague, Vilnius and Washington DC. Shamefully the Sikhs have gone along with this moral and patriotic capitulation.
9.  History and text books are distorted. MK Gandhi gets more chapters than the lines devoted to Guru Gobind Singh. Brainwashed generations of Indians are made to believe that "warrior" MK Gandhi and "patriot" Jawaharlal Nehru got them Independence from the hated British rule.
10.  Media, especially films, are dominated and subverted by enemies of nation bent upon demoralising native youth. They have yet to show a Hindu actor dancing with a Muslim female while all the time they show this Khan and that Khan taking HINDU maidens for a ride in every film.
11.  A terrified Hindu dare not dream of bringing East Bengal and North Kashmir back to secular fold, leave aside taking the frontier back to Khyber.
12. The Constitution of Partitioned India is the biggest FRAUD on the unsuspecting, ignorant and subservient nation. It accepts two sovereign flags of Pakistan and Bangladesh flying in New Delhi as well as at the United Nations but threaten dire consequences to those who whisper Khalistan.
13.  Even much reduced East Punjab is larger than many other landlocked sovereign and independent states like Slovakia, Estonia, Belgium and Slovenia and wealthier than Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Nepal. How and why is a Free Sikh State not viable on earth?
14.  The situation in which a Sikh declares INDIVIDUALLY, "I love my Sikhi above all," then fizzles out COLLECTIVELY in the secular Constitution of his land and delivered to treacherous set up in which he can be arrested, put in torture chambers and even shot dead in his own country for demanding some small liberties half those conceded most willingly to East Bengal and North Kashmir.
15.  Decomposing, leaderless, directrionless and powerless HIndustan is POWER VACUUM today. When it explodes or implodes one day, even the fleeing HIndus will find safety and shelter in the Free Sikh State. Given the rotten quality of POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL leadership in India today, that day of total mayhem & collapse is approaching fast. Today a farseeing well ifnormed Hindu who knows his own history and the fate of Hindus (persecution, destruction, beheading, abduction, forcible conversion, rape, loot and arson) during the last one thousand years, culminating in HIndu/Sikh genocide of 1947, and extermination in North Kashmir, is a bigger protagonist (supporter) of Khalistan than an average Gursikh.
Now it is up to the Sikh MASSES to realise that they are packed like ASSES on a badly battered, old & leaking ship that is stuck in QUAGMIRE, and sinking inch by inch every minute. The apparent prosperity on board will go down to the depths of ocean like the chandeliers and luxurious carpets fitted on Titanic- like the prosperity of Lahore and Rawalpindi. 
The ground on which the Palace called Hindustan is built is moral, ideological and  spiritual SAND. Partitioined Indian Secular State is under the sway of a semi literate worthless white elephant imported by Bofors Chor from Italy. Seniormost generals and fieldmartials salute her and the Parliament of India swear their loyalty to her. A proud Sikh does not figure in this scenario.
 1 may 2008.