Date: 02 May 2008


The world is laughing at Hindu Pride, the only Hindu King of Nepal has been told to get lost by the Maosists, or else. 


Today only Hindus convert to other religion as they do not have pride about Hindu Dharma. Hindus should be given Dhrmashikshan (Teachings about Dharma) to have pride about Hindu Dharma! 

Just let us see the TOP in Bharat. We would be blind not to notice SWORN ANTI HINDU, COMMITTED CATHOLIC "Cat" called SONIA KHAN being hailed as Rashtramata. All the Hindu members of Lok Sabha sit at her feet like "mice". They all belong to some sub human specie of dwarfs if we go and see the members sitting in Parliaments in Tallin, Estonia, Prague, Czech Republic, and even Vilnius, Lithuania.
Then we should notice the collapse of Hindu nation who forgot PARTITION and gave the vital post of SUPREME COMMANDER to a Muslim Abdul Kalam masquerading as more secular than you and me. What does his name show the world? To him "Pride in Hindu Dharma" was like SNAKE BITE.
When did this Mohammedan Supreme Commander INSPIRE the Jawans to retake North Kashmir or even East Bengal that was handed back to fundamentalist Islam by none other than Indira Khan who was hailed as "Indira is India" by the nation of ignorant (damn) fools.
Unless our young hear the words "HAVE PRIDE AS HINDUS" from the mouth of Priyenka and Rahul Gandhi (lined up as future prime ministers of our HINDU REPUBLIC) we are watering the wrong fields. Just imagine trying to fill a jug with a gaping hole at the bottom.