Date: 06 May 2008


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Today in world only our Country is Knows as India, Bharat, Hindustan.

I fully agree that soon Hindus will be finished in Next 25 yrs and it has begun also.Like Nepal who was Hindu nations is turned in to Maoists and soon same situation will happen with help of China in other neighbouring countries like Bhutan also.

China has long term ambitions of Expansionists route to capture Arunachal, sikkim, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.

India needs to be very tough but problem is fools are handling all policies. some 60 chinese MPs (CPI & CPM who are known as chinese slave and chinese agents working against national security) are also biggest problems for blocking economic progress as per statement issued by FM Chidambaram. Problem of we Hindus are we are so peace loving so peace loving if any body beats us or takes our land we remain silent. Hindu is lacking now National Soveriegnty after 1971 war. and slowly we are heading towards slave as we were during mughal times then British time.


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*If india is not declared as hindu nation soon in 20-30 yrs we will all be in the business of killing as per islam teaching. World will be killing field.*

*Rise and save world by declaring india hindu nation as pakisatan, bangladesh are isalmic.

These islamic nation are working to finsih india.*

*when will the hindus learn to protect their own nation and culture?