Date: 06 May 2008


Here is an Ode to a Country with severe pangs of birth, 1947,(destruction, Bloodshed, abduction, rape, loot, arson, plunder, too) still looming around:
President                     PARESHAANI
Prime Minister                GILANI (MULTANI)
Army Chief                    KIYANI
Speaker                       ZANANI
Magar NA aaTa, NA roTi, NA pani
Yahi hai kambakht Pakistan aur uskay (Mohammed) Baani, Teri KAHANI

Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 06:16:25 -0400

We are only producing drops for this mighty big ocean. But it will make the difference.
It is a fact that anti Hindu forces are trying to wipe out Hindu Dharma from the land of its origin. They wish to replace it with Christianity and Islam.
Anti national forces have deleted the word 'PARTITION' from our vocabulary and substitute it by the word 'INDEPENDENCE'. 

It is a callous RULING establishment that is like the son marrying on the very day when his father is being cremated.

Powerful, well funded and organised anti Hindu/Sikh FORCES have laid siege to the Middle India called Bharat whose mighty wings were clipped in 1947. They are tightening the noose around our necks. Their numbers are vast and they are holding the future & survival of Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) to ransom. 'Akhand Bharat' is waiting to be smashed once again in the manner of 1947.

The demoralised Hindu nation dare not designate a single day in the entire year, to be called 'SURRENDER DAY' to commemorate the memory of Dhaka, Karachi, Lahore, Sri Nankana Sahib and Khyber that vanished from the map of India overnight in 1947.

The demoralised Hindu nation dare not establish a single Holocaust Museum to tell the story of the PERSECUTED PERISHING Hindus and Sikhs like the Jewish Holocaust Museums in Jerusalem, Prague, Vilnius and Washington DC.

History and text books are distorted. Gandhi gets more chapters than the lines devoted to Guru Gobind Singh or Shivaji. Brainwashed generations of Indians are made to believe that 'warrior' MK Gandhi and 'patriot' Jawaharlal Nehru got them Independence from the hated British rule.

Media, especially films, are dominated and subverted by enemies of nation bent upon demoralising native youth. They have yet to show a Hindu or Sikh actor dancing with a Muslim female while all the time they show this Khan and that Khan taking HINDU, even Sikh, maidens for a ride in every film.

A terrified Hindu nation dare not dream of bringing East Bengal and North Kashmir back to secular fold, leave aside taking the frontier back to Khyber. 

The Constitution of Partitioned India is the biggest FRAUD on the unsuspecting, ignorant and subservient nation. It accepts two sovereign flags of ISLAMIC Pakistan and Bangladesh flying in New Delhi as well as at the United Nations. But sovereign HINDU Gujarat or Tamil Nadu are OUT OF QUESTION.

The present anomalous situation is unacceptable in which a Hindu declares INDIVIDUALLY, 'I love my Dharma more than my life,' but then fizzles out COLLECTIVELY in the pseudo-secular Constitution where Hindu Dharma does not find a single mention.

In those former parts of India (Pakistan & Bangladesh) an individual's Islam is also the collective Islam enshrined in his country’s Constitution. There is no anomaly, fraud or deadly trap as in confused & decomposing Bharat where individually (as a Hindu/Sikh) one is an elephant but collectively (as per Constitution) one is a rat.

Leaderless, visionless, directionless and powerless Hindustan is POWER VACUUM once again. When it explodes or implodes even the fleeing Hindus will not know where to run for shelter.

Given the lack of POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL vision & leadership in India today, that day of total mayhem & collapse is fast approaching. Today the farseeing well informed Hindus, who know their own history and the fate of Hindus (persecution, destruction, beheading, abduction, forcible conversion, rape, loot and arson) during the last one thousand years, culminating in the HIndu/Sikh genocide of 1947 and extermination in North Kashmir, are bigger protagonists of HINDU RASHTRA instead of putting their fate in the hands of “Bhagwan” like the Hindus of Noakhali, Multan, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Now it is up to the Hindu MASSES to realise that they are packed like bejewelled ASSES on a badly battered, old & leaking ship that is stuck in QUAGMIRE, and sinking inch by inch every minute. The apparent prosperity on board will go down to the depths of ocean like the chandeliers, carpets, bars and luxurious life style on board Titanic- like the prosperity & the shining lights and laughter of the citizens in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi prior to Partition of 1947.

The earth on which the ruins of the ancient Palace called 'Hindustan' are still standing is political & ideological quagmire.

At present the Partitioned Indian Secular State is under the sway of a semi literate worthless white elephant imported by Bofors Chor from Italy. Seniormost generals and field martials salute her, and the Parliament of India swears loyalty to her. A proud Hindu can not figure in this scenario. Sarkar will never concede the status of Vatican to Mathura, Ayodhya, Sri Nankana Sahib, Sri Amritsar or Patna (where Govind Rai, later Guru Gobind Singh, was born).


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Thank you for your inspiring messages.  It tears my heart apart at what is happening.  Helplessness is overpowering us and we have become living deads.
Yesterday's Tribune carried a letter from Nadwi, an idiot, who praised Aurangzeb and these views were endorsed by another idiot, Hasan, from the notorious AMU.  It has been fittingly replied to and fingers crossed if the Editoir gives it a space.

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Did Bhagat Singh go to the gallows to see the Thackeray clan's goons drive Bihari labourers out of Maharashtra? Or to see Karnataka Rakshana Vedike activists go on a rampage damaging trucks boarding Tamil Nadu registration? Members of the Vedike have been indulging in outrageous acts such as stopping Tamil films being shown in Bangalore and stoning the office of a cable TV network in a bid to stop it from relaying Tamil programmes.

Interesting to mention BHAGAT SINGH.
I have always wondered, Did he kiss the gallows IN LAHORE to see that city surrendered to MOHAMMED unconditionally by our stalwart MK Gandhi and great Patriot JL NehrU?
We first owe an APOLOGY to his soul.
 2 may 08