Date: 07 May 2008


A Welcome Message From Brigitte Gabriel
I founded ACT! for America because Islamic militants have declared war on America. I know what this means. For years, I witnessed first-hand how brutally jihadists treat non-Muslims.

We are in for the fight of our lives.

We are also in a fight against the forces of "political correctness", who excuse or ignore what is happening.

We must ACT! - before it's too late.

What We're Up Against
Islamic extremists have proclaimed jihad against Christians, Jews, non-Muslims and secularists - simply because they regard us as infidels. 

The warriors of Islamofascism are not only "over there". Tens of thousands of Islamic militants now reside in America, operating in sleeper cells, attending our colleges and universities, even infiltrating our government. They are here - today. Many have been here for years. Waiting. Preparing. 

They are being aided and abetted by the purveyors of political correctness - those in government, the media, academia and Hollywood who are apologists for Islamofascism, who outrageously blame America for the cruel and brutal actions of those who want to kill us and destroy our way of life. 

Political correctness can be annoying, frustrating, even exasperating. In the battle against Islamofascism, political correctness will literally kill us.

What is ACT! for America?
ACT! for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America. We are committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America's national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam. 

The fight against Islamofascism is a fight I know all too well. I was born in Lebanon and raised as a Christian. When the Lebanese Civil War broke out, our family and our Maronite community came under vicious attack by Islamic extremists. They promised to destroy us, and today the country is nearly all Islamic.

I was nearly killed by a mortar. Our home was destroyed. We lived in a bomb shelter for seven years. Most of my childhood friends were killed. That's how I know about this fight.

The democratic values of Western Civilization, exemplified by the celebration of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are under attack from militant Islam, exemplified by its celebration of death, terror and tyranny. This is an enemy that is determined, relentless and intent on imposing its ideology and values on all freedom-loving people everywhere - including the United States. 

Why ACT! for America Is Needed
I founded ACT! for America to be a citizen action network that will be the front-line voice for freedom-loving Americans everywhere. Our goal is to create a powerful grassroots organization of local chapters and citizens... 

committed to the defense and advocacy of the democratic values that made America great; 
committed to the dissemination of information about what militant Islam really is, what it believes, what its goals are, how it plans to accomplish them - and why freedom-loving people need to know this; 
committed to our national security and defense and advancing public policies that will protect our national security from the multiple threats posed against our nation by the soldiers of militant Islam; 
committed to holding our elected representatives accountable to uphold their oath of office to defend the United States and its Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic - which clearly includes Islamists committed to jihad and terrorism. 

Why Does Our Struggle Matter? It Matters Because...
If we don't win the war against Islamofascism other issues won't matter at all. 

We won't have an economy to worry about. 
We won't have equal rights for all. 
We won't have our cherished freedom. 
And we will live under Sharia Law. 

We CAN Win This War. We MUST Win This War.
America stood up to the terror and tyranny of Nazism -- and won.

America stood up to the terror and tyranny of Communism - and won.

If we will stand up to the terror and tyranny of Islamic fascism, we will once again win.

ACT! for America has been founded so Americans do not have to stand alone against the threat of Islamofascism. Join us today and become part of this growing movement of freedom-loving Americans who will not stand by while our lives and liberties are under assault.

Our Members Include:
Jews, Arabs, Christians, and non-Muslims from all backgrounds both secular and religious, liberals and conservatives. These good people have put their differences aside to combat militant Islam as well as anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda...

in the Western media 
among the intellectual elite 
on American college campuses 
in churches, synagogues and other places of worship 
in business groups and civic meetings 
wherever it exists