Date: 15 May 2008


Today, 60 years ago the British Mandate ended in Palestine and the new tiny vulnerable & weak Jewish State of Israel was born. 

It was immediately invaded by all the fearsome Mohammedan neighbours including Egypt, Jordan, Arabia and Syria. The battle for survival by the million or so Jews, threatened with extinction on their own Land of Origin, is now a legend with no parallel on earth. 

We just need to reflect on our own battle of survival in Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab, North Kashmir, East Bengal and Sylhet a year earlier (May 1947), when violent concerted INDIGENOUS Mohammedan aggression was rapidly building up with no native force in sight to counterblast it.

As a result, we (India) unconditionally surrendered five provinces, without insisting on exchange of population, and "bought" peace from the "Devils" who had terrorised and degraded the Hindus in the preceding millennium, who are still a force to reckon with if we recall the recent bombings in JAIPUR that have claimed 61 innocent lives. 

Bleeding of our Hindu nation stopped in Pakistan and Bangladesh, even in Kashmir, only when there was hardly any Hindu left to abduct, rape, kill or bleed.

Israel's first victory was accompanied by expulsion of many Palestinian Arabs. That was tragic but Israel had to find space for her own children first. "Exchange of population" that our stalwarts like Nehru and Gandhi could not demand even in their dream was taking place in Israel.

For the Muslims being a refugee is a rule rather than exception. Today there are Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Sudanese refugees in Dafur and Pakistani and Bangladeshi refugees all over the world. We mention them especially because their founders had boasted that once the Muslims were out of “Hindu” India they would all become prosperous though what happened to that peace & prosperity is now before our eyes. 

In Pakistan there is widespread lawlessness and severe shortage of water, wheat and electricity. The economy is grinding to a halt. Suicide bombers are taking a heavy toll of life on daily basis. Violence claimed the life of the First Lady, Benazir Bhutto in December last. Revolts are breaking out all over Pakistan that came under the sway of alien Arab Imperialism, forsaking own native divine avataras and gurus. The new cabinet has split up with Muslim League (N) pulling out of Parliament. East Pakistan was born due to Nehru's high treason. Now Bangladesh was born due to treason by his daugher, Indira, who could not commend Secularism to Mujiburrahman. A million Bengalis were killed with over 100,000 females raped despite their pleas to be spared "in the name of Mohammed", and impregnated by Pakistani army personnel. Today Bangladesh is the begging bowl of the world. At the end of year 1971 India was feeding EIGHT MILLION Hindu refugees from East Pakistan. Not one is a refugee today. All of them, including some FIFTEEN MILLION from West Pakistan (1947) are in peace and prosperity wherever they are. The Palestinian refugees, on the other hand, have been rotting in refugee camps since 1948, doing namaz five times a day facing the birthplace of Mohammed.

When we think of the Palestinian refugees we see an ugly aspect. The world opinion is exploiting Muslim obstinacy and backwardness and is determined to waste them all in that state, generation after generation.

Before we say with our soft Hindu hearts, “But they should be able to go back to their own ancestral homes,” let us ask our forgetful nation, “What about the rights of FIFTEEN MILLION (at that time) Hindus and Sikhs who were forced out of their homes and sought REFUGE in Partitioned India (Bharat) in 1947? We too had to leave our homes in Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Kashmir or be killed.

Indeed, we must be a demolished nation, still hiding all the Hindu/SIKH refugees from Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Rawalpindi and sheltering all the HINDU/Sikh refugees from SOUTH Kashmir WITHOUT ANY QUALM.  

We were the defeated nation who were betrayed by Government of India and the All-India Congress Party and were chased out of our ancestral homes. But we are conditioned or brainwashed to forget our own family, dump our own cause, surrender our own rights and wellbeing but are willing to go OUT OF THE WAY to take up the cause of any Palestinian refugee who is now a "Refugee by Choice".

The so-called secular West has recognised the fundamentalist Islamic states like Pakistan and Bangladesh, has recognised the sovereignty of KOSOVA in Serbia, but does not expect any of them to accept these Palestinian refugees.

The King of Saudi Arabia or the governments of Libya, Egypt and even Pakistan are not willing to invite these Palestinians from Gaza and West Bank in order to give them homes and jobs just as the BLDEEDING  P[ARTITONED India was expected to do 1947.

There is total intolerance of Israel by “Global Islam” exactly as there was total rejection of Secularism (and Akhand Bharat) by the Muslims of India in 1947.

Both India and Israel are slowly bleeding to death since their independence due to Islamic agression from within and without. They must insist on TRANSFER OF POPULATION in order to save more innocent lives and to live in peace, having seen the back of the violent and virulent, blind & fanatic followers of Mohammed.

Let us CONGRFATULATE the tiny but brave State of Israel on successfully defending herself till now. Let us inspire the Hindu nation (nearly one third of mankind) to take her defence in own hands like the Jews in Israel in order to ensure our own survival.

We owe no apology to anyone on earth who watched us perish in Lahore, Chittagong and North Kashmir, who deserted the Secular forces but supported separatist, fundamentalist, primitive, retrogressive, violent and destructive ISLAMIC Ideology in 1947, who watch helplessly the fascist ideology oozing out of Arabia like some poisonous vapour to cover the entire globe.

Today, 60 years on, the defences of Israel are far stonger and far more solid, than those of Bharat. The State of Israel was not misled, misruled, betrayed and neglected so badly by ONE political party like our own Bharat.

MAY 15, 2008.