Date: 18 May 2008


18/05/08:   POSTED ON BBC (

for balanced view of Myanmar please tell the world why the West is so bent on putting Aung San Suu Kyi ON TOP like Sonia Gandhi, another Western agent in the decomposing Partitioned India whose heart is in Vatican but mouth in India?

Please tell the listeners about the UN sanctions, about the award of Nobel Prize to an alien in their midst as sheer provocation

Please try to understand the centuries old instilled FEAR of the natives who see ALL charities from the West under the CHRISTIAN banner or the much hated MOHAMMEDAN flag- BOTH ALIEN, EVEN HOSTILE. 

India would have been United like the United Kingdom had she not had her "peace loving" Muslims. Those 63 people in JAIPUR, who were killed by bombs last week, would have been alive today had there been NO Muslim in PARTITIONED India today.

Why not give all those medicines and food to any BUDDHIST land around Burma for further distribution BY MEMBERS OF THEIR OWN BUDDHIST FAMILY?

Please do understand the psyche of the natives who do not understand why you overlook all the separatist ISLAMIC Constitutions on earth which separate the loathsome Muslim from a decent, educated and qualified doctor or teacher who is an INFIDEL. Should we not aim our guns at all the ISLAMIC constitutions and repressive republics FIRST? Why not tell your listeners about the vanishing non Muslim minorities in all the Islamic republics? The Buddhists of Myanmar do not wish to vanish like the Hindus in neighbouring East Bengal that you call Bangladesh.