Date: 20 May 2008


Flag is the symbol of occupation. That is why when they stepped on the moon in 1969, the first thing they did was to plant the American flag. The British flag was removed from New Delhi when the British rule ended.

When the first explorers reached North Pole and the South Pole, they planted the flags of their own countries to show occupation.

When they landed on Virgin Island and Christmas Island, they planted their country’s flag.

It is not only the Christians who plant flags. The Muslims are also predators when it comes to land grab.

One of the earliest examples is the so-called HAIR OF MOHAMMED in Srinagar. It was planted there instead of the flag to show the occupation of Srinagar by Muslims.. 

The legend has it that more than a thousand years ago the rulers of Mecca did the same thing in Srinagar. Their advanced guards had discovered the beautiful Vale of gods, Kashmir. It was in such contrast to the desolation and hostility of the scorching hot and barren waterless deserts of Arabia where God had put down Mohammed.

They decided to send the Flag of their Arab Kingdom but there was a problem. The flag bearer had to pass through Zoroastrian Persia and Buddhist Afghanistan. He would be captured and killed on the spot. 

So they devised the plan to smuggle a hair of Mohammed. To get his hair they had to dig up his grave (he had been poisoned) and pull out the hair. It may sound ludicrous now but at that time it was dead earnest affair.

The bearer and his companion set off from Mecca with precious cargo but as luck would have it, they were waylaid by warrior Pathans of Buddhist faith on the way. They were flogged and whipped and stripped naked and marched off back towards Mecca. They lost everything including the little bag with the hair.

The two were in agony, both physical and mental. What account would hey give back to the ruler of Mecca? 

They had a clever idea. In the field they noticed a dead donkey. They plucked one hair off its body and wrapped it up and proceeded towards Srinagar. That is where they buried it in a hastily built mud hut called mosque, and told the natives of their long journey and gift to the "Godforsaken doomed" Kafirs of Kashmir.

Another version goes like this: In fear of Wrath of Allah one of these poor men PLUCKED A HAIR from his own head and thus they continued on their journey towards Srinagar.

The barbarian wild Arabs had LAID CLAIM to the Valley of great beauty and peace. A thousand years later the whole State is about to detach itself from secular Bharat and join all the sh** of ISLAM in Pakistan.

To be fair to the Muslims of the Valley who may have been worshipping the wrong hair, we would suggest a DNA test of this hair. Is it human hair at all?

Although the two messengers cannot now be asked to explain or tell the truth, at least the simple people will not be bowing before what amounts to KUFR.

Here is also something for the Moron Mullahs who find the idea of Shivlingam in pre Islamic Mecca worth a laugh. Let the whole world know that a hair is being worshipped in a mosque in Srinagar.