Date: 20 May 2008



What happened on May 21? What is fact and what is fiction that call for celebration?

“Mr Clean”, also notorious as “BOFORS CHOR”, was assassinated on this auspicious day in 1991. No court in India is willing to pronounce him GUILTY of any crime, or commission, or omission, or treason, or treachery. or corruption.

Until then it had been unquestioned rule and sway of Nehru/Gandhi Dynasty who had become law unto themselves, who were running down India as their fiefdom or colony. There was the era of nepotism, rampant corruption and policy of Divide & Rule.

It had become rule of goondahs, sifaarish, bribery, corruption and red tape. No enterprise could begin due to license and quota system. There was shortage of electricity and water. Even in the capital, New Delhi, water taps would remain dry all night and lights would go out in the middle of dinner.

The Dynasty had learnt their lesson from mentor Soviet Union. Neglect, hinder and even destroy communications. Roads were not repaired at all. Telephone connection was rare, it took 12 years to get your scooter and even longer if you placed an order for a car having paid thousands of rupees as deposit.

Every major project, be it the construction of a new town or stadium or dam meant officials and contractors could look forward to huge windfall in the shape of bribes and commissions. Huge defence contracts for fighter planes, tanks, submarines or cruisers and helicopters meant millions of pounds as commission that was distributed among ministers and civil servants with major portion going into bank accounts of members of Nehru/Gandhi dynasty who had, and still have, secret bank account s abroad.

Schools and universities were deliberately neglected and left to starve while the elite sent their children abroad. Rajiv stayed at Cambridge University and left with Italian born au pair Sonia instead of a certificate though back home the “coolie” media hailed him as Graduate in Mechanical Engineering. It was also the time when film studios in Mumbai started churning out gangster films that ruined the image of Hindu, religion, morality and way of life. More and more of these KHANS started taking over the studios. For Dynasty it was still the Islamic rule from Peshawar to Chittagong since the Muslims could move across borders easily. Take Dilip Kumar. He was born in Pakistan as Yousuf who came to Mumbai, made his millions and is now retired, living the life of luxury, in Peshawar. Hindus under Dynasty could only dream of what the Muslims were allowed, even encouraged, to get away with.

Dynasty fanned the fires of Islam, Italy and anyone else who loathed Hindus but promptly snubbed any aspiring Hindu “spark”. We never heard a word about those who wiped out the Hindus in Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal but the new terminology, “dangerous Hindu fundamentalism” has been coined by Dynasty and their media. One is not even allowed to ask, “How have the Hindus become dangerous or fundamentalist when they have neither expelled all the Pakistani and Bangladeshis yet nor taken back even North Kashmir?

In the same pro Islam and anti Hindu vein the Muslims have been allowed to explode bombs, wreck trains, attack the Parliament and even burn train compartments with pilgrims inside but if a reaction takes place, the Centre immediately gets red hot and threatens to declare President’s rule and try the Hindu Chief Minister by some International Court of Justice. 

Yes those were the days that today’s generation will find impossible to believe especially after the departure of the foreign rulers.

Rajiv was a Hero of National Deception and Disgrace at the very moment of his birth. He was not born of proud Hindu parents but of atheist mother who secretly converted to Islam, and Mohammedan father. 

He was called Rajiv “Gandhi” since his grandfather Nehru had adopted “Mahatma” Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI as their family mascot for good luck. In reality his mother INDIRA became Mrs. Khan after her marriage. Deception came in baby Rajiv with the milk of his mother who had deceived the nation by concealing his father’s true identity. 

While growing up, Rajiv was never allowed to meet his father’s relatives and even his own first cousins on paternal side for fear that he will expose them all. All of them were, and are, MOHAMMEDAN.

So how did his mother meet Feroze Khan? He was the son of a grocer and liquor dealer in Allahabad who used to deliver supplies to Nehru household. Since the master was often away for meetings and even more often in jail (during British Raj), Feroze was free to chat up and seduce the full blooded but lonely, self centred and arrogant teenager Indira. 

The Muslim did what comes naturally to a Muslim. He seduced and then persuaded the infatuated Indira to do NIKAH with him. It is then that the household got a shock and saw the repercussions in India that was, and is, predominantly Hindu. 

It was the old man himself, the “Bapu”, who said, “Why worry? Call him GANDHI.” That is how the Muslim wolf put on the sheep’s coat.

Well, there are records and results of painstaking research by brave Hindus, notably the late Arvind Ghosh of Houston, Texas, who wrote profusely to “expose” these bogus Gandhis. Shri Ghosh belonged to that rare breed of FEARLESS INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS.

As said earlier, Rajiv inherited treachery in his genes. He learned that his almighty maternal grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru had happily and willingly surrendered five provinces to his Muslim friends.

“Take it away. What more do you want?” said Nehru to Jinnah, his Muslim friend, “and if you capture more of our territory, KEEP IT.”

“I want KASHMIR,” said Jinnah.
“That’s perfectly all right brother. You invade and KEEP it. Keep your claim alive and, insha’allah, you will get the Rest, too.”

Rajiv KHAN had inherited this kind of patriotism and loyalty to Bharat from his grandfather and mother. He came to hate everything Indian and Hindu. Both Indira and Jawaharlal used to entertain Muslim friends and never showed any courtesy to the Hindu VIP’s. That is how Rajiv acquired contempt for the Hindus in his psyche. He has passed on the same to his son Rahul who, it is said, is now about to import his future wife, a CATHOLIC female, from the land notorious for Drugs and Mafia, i.e., COLOMBIA.

Not once did Rajiv consider challenging the very nature of Pakistan, or recovering North Kashmir or elevating HINDI to the level of Polish in Poland, Lithuanian in Lithuanian, Latvian in Latvia or English in the whole world. O yes, he was for Urdu, English and Italian.

He had so much CONTEMPT for the Indians that once he remarked, “Even if I take bribes and commissions and even if I import my future wife from Colombia, Iran or Italy, these Indians will continue to kiss my foot and hers, too.”  He proved right with regard to immense inferiority complex of his subjects. 

As soon as Sonia Maino put her foot on the Indian soil, the natives took to her like fish to water, as if she was their very own lost princess. Today she is the uncrowned Queen of Bharatvarsha though as everyone knows her heart is in Vatican.

His humble subjects wanted desperately that he should say at least once, “Brown is beautiful,” since the Indians were running to Europe and America to import brides, but he ignored them. He must have thought, “My foot. Let the inferior import the superior.”

When asked to speak in Hindi in order to boost its image among people who had started learning Italian, he felt like retorting, “My foot!” 

When asked to serve the people by standing for parliamentary elections before aspiring to walk in the footsteps of his autocratic mother, he must have replied, “My foot,” and added, “They will make me Prime Minister whether I am a MP or Pilot.”

When asked to recover North Kashmir, he must have thought, “Get lost! It is with my first cousins. Let them keep it.” 

When asked to speak up for clean government, he must have felt, “I will show you what clean government is.”  He accepted fifty million dollars from Bofors Gun Company of Sweden despite objections and negative reports by artillery and defence experts.

When asked to comment on the return of 90,000 Pakistani war prisoners in 1972 he would have replied, “We will return them all, each with the free gift of a copy of Koran, and advise them to return to Kashmir later.”

When questioned about the morality of returning East Bengal to ISLAM after its capture, he would have replied, “That was perfectly moral. Keep your Secularism and adore any Parsi, Christian and Muslim in your President’s chair.”

The worst treachery Rajiv did with the Indian nation was to sign a treaty with Benazir Bhutto, not to attack each other's nuclear facilities. Thus Pakistan could develop her atom bomb without fear. India decided to die while Israel, who decided to survive, attacked Iraq in 1981 and destroyed their atomic facilities. How was it that the entire Nehru Dynasty including Rajiv KHAN did not realise one simple fact: India’s Muslim neighbours attacked and invaded her repeatedly non stop while Hindu India never crossed the border with Iran or Afghanistan even once. The conclusion ought to have been clear that “while Pakistan and India both have nuclear weapons the raw guts, savage courage and solid determination to drop one rests with the Muslim nation. One Rajiv watcher went so far as to say, “If both India and Pakistan sent aeroplanes loaded with nuclear bombs, the Pakistani will fly straight on like a suicide bomber and drop his bombs, plane and himself right on target in Delhi while the Indian pilot, gripped with uncertainty, doubt and cowardice, will return to his base and commit suicide. “Hey Ram, how could I kill the innocent down below?” Those who do not know their enemy are doomed. Rajiv made sure that his India was doomed.

In 1984 when thousands of Sikhs were being butchered in Delhi and elsewhere, he showed his satisfaction when he remarked, “Serves them right! They stood up for AKHAND BHARAT even after my grandfather and Gandhiji had conceded Partition and Pakistan. “When a tree falls, who cares for the leaves? They should be wiped out for killing my mother. Did they not hear, INDIRA IS INDIA.”?

In 1987 his love of India and Indians was tested twice. When someone said to him, “We should issue an ultimatum to Fiji to treat the Indians decently,” he would have said, “Let Col Rabuka of Fiji kick them all out like Idi Amin of Uganda.  I will not lift a finger for their safety or well-being.”

In the same year someone brought the wretched plight of Tamils of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka to his notice. But he did the OPPOSITE of what Turkey did in Cyprus. He sent his armed forces to crush the Tamils.

That is when God said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” and sent a special MESSENGER to explode the bomb right under his nose.

They say, “Since Indians deliver themselves to any tyrant and partition, God is keeping an eye on them, too. He is like the shepherd of the sheep. It is because of the countless puja, havans and akhand paths they are doing DAY AND NIGHT. 

So He sent Nathu Ram ji to fire a pistol, the two Sikh knights warrior to fire sten guns and finally His Chosen Tamil Daughter to EXPLODE the bomb.

Luckily for the Tamils no general massacre followed like that of the Sikhs since his son Rahul was only a boy and Priyenka, 19 at that time, held no high office yet.