Censoring of Indian history

Date: 21 May 2008



Censoring of Indian history
- Nithin Sridhar , Organiser

THE history of India has been whitewashed and distorted, first by European rulers, and after Independence by eminent historians of India and their supporters—the leftists, seculars and self-claimed progressives of India to meet their own ends. They have painted the pre-Islamic invasion period as a Dark Age and have glorified the Islamic period to be very peaceful and prosperous. 

Ram Swarup says, “Marxists have taken to rewriting Indian history on a large-scale and it has meant its systematic falsification. They have a dogmatic view of history and for them the use of any history is to prove their dogma. Their very approach is hurtful to truth. The Marxists’ contempt for India, particularly the India of religion, culture and philosophy, is deep and theoretically fortified. It exceeds the contempt ever shown by the most die-hard imperialists.”1 Some of the common claims of these so-called eminent historians are: 

1] The Aryan Invasion Theory is true.2 

2] Large-scale destruction of Buddhists and Jain temples was done by Hindus in pre-Islamic India.3 

3] The Muslim rulers were religiously tolerant and Islamic rule was prosperous. The eminent historians deny the destruction of Hindu temples or the killing of Hindus at the hands of Muslim rulers. They also deny the religious motive behind the killing of Hindus at the hands of Muslim rulers.4 


1. Indian Express, January 15, 1989, quoted in book Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them, Vol.-1 by Sita Ram Goel. 

2. For example, JNU historian Romila Thapar. (Article titled “Romila Thapar Defends the Aryan Invasion Theory!” by Vishal Agarwal, published at www.india-forum.com/articles/60/1) 

3. In a letter published in The Times of India dated October 2, 1986, Romila Thapar had stated that handing over of Sri Ram’s and Sri Krishna’s birthplaces to the Hindus, and of disused mosques to the Muslims raises the question of the limits to the logic of restoration of religious sites. How far back do we go? Can we push this to the restoration of Buddhist and Jain monuments destroyed by Hindus? Or of the pre-Hindu animist shrines? (Quoted in book- Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them, Vol. 2. The Islamic Evidence by Sita Ram Goel.) 

4. In his book Medival India (NCERT 2000), Satish Chandra writes, “The raid into India (by Timur) was a plundering raid and its motive was to seize the wealth accumulated by the Sultans of Delhi over the last 200 years. Timur then entered Delhi and sacked it without mercy, large number of people, both Hindus and Muslims, as well as women and children losing their lives.”, but Timur repeatedly states in his memoirs, the Tuzuk-i-Timuri, that he had a two-fold objective in invading Hindustan. “The first was to war with the infidels,” and thereby acquire, “some claim to reward in the life to come.” The second motive was “that the army of Islam might gain something by plundering the wealth and valuables of the infidels.” He further says excepting the quarter of the saiyids, the ulema and other Musulmans, the whole city was sacked. 

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