Date: 22 May 2008



First, let us see what all is good.
Firstly there is the bright side of Partition though at that time ONE THIRD of India was surrendered unconditionally to the enemy within. It is also good that there is a complete ban on the word surrender or partition. Officially it was Independence and that is what will stay in people’s minds for ever.

Secondly, it is good that we can still call “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai” since the memory of genocide, arson, plunder and rape in Pakistan and East Bengal is wiped out.

Thirdly, Congress Party that committed High Treason at Partition and continued to have its iron grip on the development of freedoms, advancements and education suffered an irrevocable set back with the assassination of Rajiv “Gandhi” in 1991. By then the futile war in 1972, the savage treatment of the Sikhs in 1984 and the “bloody nose” in Sri Lanka in 1987 had been forgotten and the country was put on the way to progress. 

We should recall that till then the treacherous anti national autocratic ruling Dynasty had been hell bent on keeping the Indians stuck at the primitive rural “charkha & khadi” level. 

MK Gandhi, who wore only a loin cloth and a pair of glasses, was held as the role model for the nation to induce them towards further self sacrifice, collective suicide, unconditional surrenders of minorities, principles and territory (to smite the conscience of the enemy) and renunciation of all possessions. His life was held for the Hindus like the “hadis” of Mohammed for the Muslims.

But at the same time something is terribly wrong-

When a Judiciary is subservient to dishonest and corrupt interests that no minister, chief ministers and prime minister cannot be tried for corruption. We all know that Rajiv Khan, notorious BOFORS CHOR, cannot be tried by any court in India.

When the native HINDI language is not enforced, supported, or used by the ruling establishment.

When NO native born HINDU woman of high calibre and qualifications with unrivalled record of patriotic services to country and people, can replace the Italian born “uncrowned queen” called Sonia from Italy.

When corruption at all levels cannot be addressed or rectified through State determination.

When instead of MERIT family connections or wealth are the criterions to get high office.

When criticism of the ruling political party   is equated with criticism of country and labelled treason.

When police open fire to kill and army is employed to fight and kill own citizens instead of guarding the borders.

When bribery and connections take precedence over integrity and honesty of public servants.

When a file in office does not move but one has to bribe the baboo to get it moving.

When there is still shortage of electricity, water end pure milk and unadulterated “ghee”.

When hospitals are short of medicines and proper equipment.

When trained doctors and teachers head for the West instead of staying home to serve the native people.

When the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

When country’s armed forces are ordered to cease fire just when they start advancing and capturing the enemy territory.

When the country cannot establish even one Hindu Holocaust Museum anywhere on the lines of the one in Jerusalem.

When the country cannot take stock of its own social fabric to foresee the next partition or doom.

When we do not find a single Institute of Ideology to safeguard survival on earth while there are countless temples and gurdwaras for worship in order to attain salvation after death.

When the rulers do not wish to bestow grandeur of Mecca and sovereignty of Vatican upon even one native Mandir or Gurdwara. Mathura, Ayodhya and Amritsar clearly qualify for such high status on earth to raise the image of NATIVE religions even in the eyes of own rulers.

When the entire media is bent upon throwing all limelight and glare of publicity on only ONE (Nehru/Gandhi) dynasty that has outlived its usefulness by at least six decades.

When ONE political party is allowed to get away with fraud and deception, intimidation and brainwashing in order to stay in power for ever.

When a prime minister’s chair can automatically go to his son or daughter.


When the country does not celebrate its heroes like SHIVAJI, GURU GOBIND SINGH JI and GENERAL JS AURORA and so on but only emphasized the non violence of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and “Mahatma” Gandhi.

When all prominent events like tournaments and matches and all prominent buildings, roads, canals townships, schools and universities, institutions and airports, etc., are named after members of only ONE (Gandhi/Nehru) family, ignoring the rest.

When history is being re-written to mislead or brainwash the coming generations.

When the British, who left peacefully, are called the “foreign devils” but the Muslims whose religion and ideology came from Arabia and who captured one third of India to form Pakistan, are called indigenous and “brothers” (bhai bhai)

When not one native holy place like the Janmasthan of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Gobind Singh ji, is given INTERNATIONAL recognition and status like Mecca and Vatican.

When country’s elite send their sons and daughters (like Indira, Rajiv and Rahul) are sent abroad for higher studies instead of raising the standard of education of schools and universities at home.

When not one prime minister, Rashtrapita or Rashtrapatni or Rashtramata has eve said, “brown is beautiful”.

When a country cannot dare to celebrate a Victory Day of any sort to boost the image of armed forces.

When a country cannot recover even one square inch of its territory lost as a result of enemy attack or invasion.

When a country cannot negotiate the freedom of its prisoners in foreign camps.

When a country cannot secure its borders from external infiltration and terrorism.

When a country has lost the distinction between patriotism and treason. When it adores and elevates false people and obeys them with question or challenge.

When a country has timid, unscrupulous and dishonest journalists and editors.

It is even a lot more terribly wrong when the country happens to be ancient Hindustan, or Bharat, that is the source of countless divine and spiritual saints, mahatmas, gurus and avataras, and the cradle of human civilisation.

Something is terribly wrong when no one has any idea of, or cares a hoot about, the future of the nation. They remind the world of the dinner and dance in the lounge of Titanic the night before she sank with most of those on board. Can anyone tell how many Hindus survived when SS Karachi was torpedoed and how many Sikhs survived when SS Lahore sank in 1947?

It is only a matter of time when SS Delhi will take the direct hit and sink.