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date: 30 may 2008


news item

obama was born in 1961 in hawaii to a white mother from kansas and a black muslim father from kenya who met as students at the university of hawaii. 



why is always a rascal mohammedan rejecting muslim females but fast in seducing and wedding a non muslim female and then converting her to islam? why don't we see it the other way round? we need to see more muslim females marrying hindus in bharat.

if islam is deviousness in other words, one ought be most wary of obama becoming president of usa.

if islam is deviousness in other words, one ought be most wary of obama becoming president of usa.

obvious results will be 

withdrawal of american forces from iraq and afghanistan; 

destruction of traditional anglo american solidarity; 

weakening of israel defences; 

pressure on india to let go of kashmir; 

boost to religion of savage arab predators across the globe; and 

demoralisation of christians, buddhists, jews and hindus.

it is quite likely that america will not see the day when a pseudo-secular muslim ascends the president's throne.

islam tried to creep up buckingham palace in london through naive a princess. it did not succeed. there is no way that islam will succeed in going up to the top in the usa. it is not partitioned india who was proud of her muslim presidents zakir hussain, mohammad hidayatullah (acting), fakhruddin ahmed, and abdul kalam. breakaway pakistan and bangladesh did not appoint a hindu even once. india "licking" islam has been unilateral act of cheap appeasement and abject surrender.

let us hope the americans will see through the designs of global islam and send obama to the land of his father to bring peace and prosperity there. 

in case he becomes president of the usa, peace and prosperity of america will be jeopardised. there is already a million strong brotherhood of islam on hand in america to do terribly intolerant allah's job.

price of liberty is eternal vigilance.