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date: 31 may 2008


learned thoughts on decomposing partitioned india

(debate among maggots in the carcass of an elephant, ignoring the lethal suffocating grip by axis powers, i.e., deadly hindu-smashing alliance of ?taly, islam & the unscrupulous timid & subservient ?unuch?hindu camp follower.?

result? perpetual rule & exploitation by one nehru/gandhi dynasty, degradation of armed forces (turned mercenary) through bogus cease-fires and the rot of rampant corruption that cannot bring to conclusion the trial of rajiv khan, the ?ofors chor? and scheming by ruling establishment, infiltrated by ?indu-bashers, smashers, killers?is dividing and splitting the nation, pitching dalit against brahmin, sikh against hindu, gujjar against all.)

learned comments from a discussion list, may 31, 2008 (names concealed).


i hardly find any difference between military rule and the president, ministers and bureaucracy (administration) functioning under the ?rotection?of military. under the india law protection is the duty of home ministry and not defence ministry. comparison with france is odious. french people are vigilant and respect self rule and freedom. india has a feudal ?ai-baap?culture, insensitivity to get involved in politics as a noble endeavour and have freely allowed with eyes open politics to become mafia and dirty politics.

 further which ministers/administrators you are referring to?  the existing ministers/ias officers or some others, if others how do you get them? as already mentioned in my last e-mail indian military system established by british govt to ensure that army, navy and air force do not join together, is still continuing in india. their coordination is by the defence minister through the i.a.s defence secretary. you might be recollecting revolution by indian navy in 1940? army and air force never joined naval officers and soldiers.  

further our armed forces are least equipped in policy matter. their job is defence and not protection of ministers/administrators. it is job of the police or protection forces under the home ministry and not i repeat not defence ministry.

the solution is diligent attempt to find and implement world best policies of freedom and swaraj (self rule). let the so called capable people be selected first and let them decide first what went wrong and what they want to do. thereafter their agenda be thrown open to electorates and let them try to get elected on that agenda. our country will not accept the selected people to form the government without being elected.

policy making is not ?ree for all?or ?ntuitions?to run free. policy making is a strict discipline. i find freedom team of india is working on these lines and searching dedicated about 1500 leaders who can lead india based on policy making discipline and their implementation democratically. 

some times i really wonder that hindus never got such a wonderful opportunity in the last about 1000 years (muslim and british rule). we have got at present about 95 % hindus ministers, prime ministers, political leaders, bureaucrats in the seat of power, defence officers/soldiers, industrialists etc, why still we are missing this opportunity? pressure is on to reduce this percentage by fixing some quota for other religions. my hunch is that our thousands of gurus, swamis, ammas etc based on the fake and commercial spiritualism are splitting hindus to small islands. they are more keen to get rich followers from other religions/countries than poor hindus from india. hindus of one sect hardly communicate with hindus of other sects. when hindus themselves will not bother for the welfare of other hindus, we are going to get into major troubles.

already hindus have become 82% in india against about 84% in 1951 census. this % is fast falling. in the 2011 census it may get reduced to 81%.

let us examine all these issues in more detail to find some early solution. time is running out. (sic).

(nb: time ran out on august 15, 1947, when india was forced to surrender five provinces unconditionally, without referendum, to wild & intolerant kafir killer mohammed but bandit jawaharlal nehru hailed as national hero & great liberator.)



date: fri, 30 may 2008 06:18:51 -0700

date: fri, 30 may 2008 06:18:51 -0700


              please read my message once more. i have not said army rule. i have said retain the president. what i said is government by non-party specialists under the protection of the army. 

               regarding success or failure of army rule, please look back the history of post war france. its political condition was the same as india's. the nationalists people there called general de gaulle. he gave france a new constitution. in fact, the france of today was founded by that  military officer.


               even otherwise, you have to make a choice between a nationalist army rule and international islamic rule.




yes you are absolutely right that india needs a drastic change in her political and bureaucratic structure. but army rule for 15 years is no solution. which country in the world succeeded in bringing changes through army rule? a few examples are iran, pakistan, burma and earlier china under chiang kai shek. in india it is still more difficult as we are still continuing with the british pattern. pakistan has changed it. we have different kind of regiments like sikh regiment, gorkha regiment, rajputana rifles, assam rifles etc. british govt in india learnt this lesson after 1857 revolution by army and our political leaders also allowed to continue.


the ideal solution is to curtail the powers of state and central governments by abolishing indian brand of socialism- cause of our large scale corruption, appeasement and dirty politics. 

make local governments effective and vibrant and abolish the role of ias/state civil service at the district/urban/rural areas. there are many world best democratic models available (e.g. european union and the united states of america) but we have got the worst model which suited the british govt. they never had this model in their own country i.e. united (not partitioned) kingdom.


the rule for democracy is whatever the people can do should be done through local elected governments representing about one lakh or so number of out people. the state govt can function as enabler and facilitator and not doer in civic, social and community welfare activities. whatever people can not do give to state govt and beyond the capacity of state govt to central govt.




date: thu, 29 may 2008 23:29:07 -0700

date: thu, 29 may 2008 23:29:07 -0700

   india needs a non-party national government

                the seven serial bomb blasts in crowded places of jaipur (rajasthan), including a hanuman temple, on tuesday may 13 that brought death to 70 innocent lives and injuries to 150 others, has shocked the whole world, but not the deobandis who had recently issued a fatwa against  all types of  terrorist activities. obviously, they followed the old persian saying, zami jumbad, na jumbad gul mohammed, (the whole earth might shake, but gul mohammed won't). they will jump only when some muslims are caught. they will then raise earth and heaven to prove them innocent.

              the way islamic terrorism has expanded during the last 25 years and moist and naxalite forces have acquired catastrophic proportions, makes it clear that the central government is not serious on eradication of terrorism or terrorists. to rub salt on injury, the government is creating conditions in which the terrorists can easily multiply and spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. the irrational  st/sc/obc/muslim (minority) based reservations have divided the people in various mutually warring segments and created conditions of a civil war amongst hindus themselves, as evident from the current incendiary gujjar agitation for securing st status.

              this anarchic situation is the direct result of a shoddy democracy, a pervert form of secularism and too much of pluralism of the few imposed on an overwhelming poor, illiterate and gullible majority of india. under the guise of "unity in diversity", every government has promoted only diversity: unity and nationalism are relegated to pages of text books. in this chaotic scenario, islamism alone has arisen as the most potent force. the gandhian way to buy peace is to hand over, with a smile, india's political power to ulema led islamists.

                 alternately, the nationalist intellectuals should jointly and severely press the army chief to intervene, dismiss all political parties, let the president continue in office as the nominal chief executive, form a national government at the centre with a working prime minister and a council of ministers of really capable persons, drawn from non-political sources, both military and civil, irrespective of their religion, caste, region language, or sex. the same pattern can be followed in states. fortunately, indian constitution is silent on the role of political parties and parliament in the formation of ministers and their functions. the armed forces and the bsf should guard india frontiers, fight and finish terrorists and terrorist-outfits and help civil administration to maintain law and order. the provisions relating to constitution and functioning of parliament and state assemblies can take rest for 15 years.

           there is nothing new in this suggestion. it actually came from the former lok sabha member, shri b.l. sharma 'prem'. (now a sikh, prem singh 'sher'). in his 'open letter' dated 29th november 2006 to the president, (abdul kalam), army chief (general jj singh), air chief (air marshal s.p.tyagi), naval chief (admiral sureesh mehta), with copies to the press, he wrote:

               "it is more than clear that presently the indian armed forces are the only nationalist body and future hope of india. the naked truth is that, but for them and the supreme court of india, india would have gone to pieces long ago. ground realities show as if the core group of india's policy makers has a tacit understanding with pakistan and bangladesh to let hindu india also turn completely islamic to form one large islamic bloc from egypt to indonesia. thereafter, it will not take long for the islamic flag to fly over entire america, europe, africa and australia, besides asia.

                  "i, therefore, strongly feel that the chiefs of the armed forces should carefully examine the seriousness of the dangers ahead and intervene. they can provide india a non-party national government formed with professionals and expert administrators for a period of 15 years with a view to putting india and indian people on the right track, educate and prepare them for a two-party parliamentary or presidential form of a democratic and truly secular government." 


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