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date: 01 jun 2008


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the article is quite eye opening for those who are not knowing the full history of india at the time of partition & how hindus were masscared in both the east & west pakistan ( present bangladesh & pakistan ) as well as of how the fate of lahore with majority hindus was blunderously sealed by nehru in favour of pakistan ,in his hurry to rule over on the remaining partitioned india on the blood of poor helpless hindus who were thrown un-armed  before the vultures of the muslims of the then pakistan, thereby all hindu girls were forcibly taken away by the muslims & hindu menfolk were butuchered who did not

accept islam.

accept islam.

"bofors"  & that the   "three german submarines  deal " were another worst financial deals of rajiv gandhi, the true facts which are known just to a few who could not open their mouths ; even his that time finance minister, v p  singh  , who was doing then a wonderful job of making indian society a " corruption -free " to which he had succeeded to a considerable extent , but the soonest he laid his hands on above two deals, he was simply thrown out like a " doodh -ki- makkhi " ( in vp singh's own words ).

the less said about rajiv gandhi, better it is;  though the  full true story is known to only & mainly to  three persons ( gps)  only  : late rajiv & his living wife: sonia ( one group ) , v p singh & mr d p mandelia of birlas & thier swiss office in zug ( 2nd gp ) and lastly our national hero of the millenium : shri amitabh bachchan & his brother ajitabh bachchan .

unfortunately, the true facts will never be known to us as above is closely guarded financial secret .

again, why the solution for kashmir was not sorted out & solved by the then indian prime minister, indira gandhi ( wife of feroz khan , with "gandhi as adopted surname " ) in 1971 when we were victrorious & holding about 94,000of pakistani prisoners of wars of pakistani army, we were certainly in much advantageous position to discuss & arrive at solution of kashmir then & there, instead we did nothing of the sort & meekly "surrendered" those pakistanies back to pakistan ( many of them with forced bengali hindu wives hidden in burkas . why sirs ?

why no one has questioned such things till date ? what happened to our media / why are they crawling before the present government , defacto run by that italian woman by proxy ?  are there no men of guts left in present day congress nor in indian media ?

there are a lot of questions which have to be answered by present govt if any efficient nationalist govt. comes to power which all the vested interested countries wd never like to see a strong india , specially under majority hindus at any cost.

i bow my hats off to the writer of the website:

which has certainly tried to bring out certain facts of 1947:

partition of india, but there are still people in india who are

knowing quite lot of truth of those years of partition and



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