Date: 05 Jun 2008


4 june 08.


The brave admire the enemy. Our enemy in 1947 were the INDIAN Muslims who struck out for their own separate homeland called Pakistan. They did not want to carve out a country on the basis of language, culture or economics but on the sole basis of RELIGION. They could at least have looked at the Constitution of Turkey. But the fools looked at the Constitution of Arabia, the Koran, putting the “Book” above people.

They could have foreseen the extermination of hard working Sikhs and the frugal, inventive and ingenious Hindus but NO, encouraged by none other than our own Bandit Nehru, our cunning foreign rulers and by the cowardice of our own “Father of Nation”, MK Gandhi, they pressed ahead with their demand for fundamentalist ISLAMIC state of Pakistan where even a low down scum of society, if he was a Muslim, was to feel good but the highly gifted, proud and qualified non Muslim was meant to be degraded, humiliated and labelled second class.

Since they were motivated, united, inspired and charged, they advanced and ATTACKED IN FORCE and carried the day. 

Disunited, lacklustre stunned vast rabble, one quarter of mankind, called the HINDUS, following an opportunist Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and their conceding appeasing confused bogus Mahatma, Gandhi, chanting “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai”, took to their heels and left FIVE provinces wide open for occupation by the enemy.

How bogus this idea of purely “Islamic” republic was, came to light within hours if not days when fires of communal riots, killing, loot, arson and rape fanned out across Pakistan. 

Soon thereafter East Pakistan separated on the basis of totally different criteria, such as culture, history, ethnicity and language. 

Still no lesson was learnt by the much “reduced, confused and weakened” Pakistanis.

At that time in 1972 God gave a golden chance to the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Khan Bhutto, to write up a better enlightened Constituton, but he, too, though Western educated, shut his eyes to the version of Secularism that had successfully prevailed in the erstwhile British India, and even Turkey, and continued to adore and follow the Bedouines of Arabia and Libya.

The result was the hanging of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto himself and the assassination of his highly gifted and educated daughter, Benazir, on 27 December 2007, on the same spot in Rawalpindi where the first prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, had been assassinated under an ill omen within days of birth of Pakistan.

The result was further rule of military dictators till the final turn came in February 2008 when God offered another chance to the Pakistanis to look at the secular Constitution of Turkey.  Is it not an irony that Qaid-i-Azam, Mohammed Ali Jinnah himself declared at the inauguration of the new State, “From now onwards there will be NO Hindu, Muslim or Christian in Pakistan, but all citizens will be Pakistanis.” But he was fooling his people. People of the sub continent are easily fooled. Those in Bharat today are fooled into believing that Italian born Sonia Maino is more patriotic and knowledgeable than all of them put together and loves India more than Italy.

On the Indian side, from Day One of the Great Disaster of 1947 All India Congress Party, Party of Partition, did something unbelievable. 

Led by Bandit Nehru they deleted the word  “partition” from Constitution and substituted it by “independence”. They embraced the Muslims and abused the British. They accepted and acknowledged Islam as the State Religion of Pakistan but crushed the native Hindu religion on its own soil. Finally they imposed a government on the people who went under prime ministers called “Gandhi” one after the other.

The brainwashed suppressed and intimidated Hindus swallowed even that though all these Gandhis are, IN REALITY, Khans, since Indira married Feroze KHAN. 

Hindus, like the dogs at one’s doorstep, do not wish to find out who Feroze was and who his cousins, nephews and nieces are, who are still alive in India.

The new state of Pakistan is only 60 years old, not 60,000 years old like India. They went into one turmoil after another turmoil till the last dictator GENERAL Pervez Musharraf, under world pressure, allowed free and fair elections. He took off his military uniform and declared himself President. 

As a bye product, all restrictions on media were lifted. These sprang up with the full force of lightening, bursting out of dark clouds. Several radio and television channels have come about in short time, notably ARY ONE and GEO tv.

What these TV stations are doing is nothing short of eye opening and stunning experience for their INDIAN viewers who never saw their own corrupt ministers and MP’s facing the cameras like this or demands by public for their trial.

Instantly now, the whole world can see top leaders like Nawab Sharif, Zardari and Altaf Hussain speaking to one another and there is full coverage of speeches of barristers and lawyers, calling for the trial of President Musharraf for breaking rules. Suddenly fear has left the people of Pakistan.  Even ex servicemen at their rally in Lahore (4 June 08) called for court martial of ex General Pervez Musharraf. 

There are no more closed door secret meetings like those between Indira Khan and VP Singh, between Rajiv, the BOFORS CHOR, and Sam Pataudi, and now between Manmohan Singh, Sonia and Laloo Prashed. Politicians of India are still meeting behind closed doors like the bandits and dacoits planning another bank raid.

All these open discussion at the highest level in Pakistan that are being broadcast on TV are something close to a very big shock for the intimidated cowardly Indians next door.

What we are witnessing in Pakistan today is full fledged revolution of democracy and freedom of expression 1,000 steps ahead of India, the so-called world’s largest democracy, where no one knows who “Mother of Nation Sonia Khan” meets in her mansion and what transpires at her meetings with the subservient prime minister, the nominal Mr. “Singh” who has yet to speak up for the trial of Bandit Nehru for his High Treason of 1947, for a memorial to all the Sikhs and Hindus butchered during 1947 and all the Sikhs massacred in Operation Blue Star in 1984, and for Vatican like SOVEREIGN status of Sri Nankana Sahib.  (This bogus "Singh", the national SIGH, with five PhD's, is some "son of a goat, ruling the land of goats and  jackals!" He is so afraid of the Italian born CATHOLIC "Mother of Hindu Nation" that he dare not even say, "Brown is Beautiful".)

Congratulations, Pakistan. You are doing on our own former territory what we, presently, unfortunately, INDIANS, cannot even dream of.

There is not one free and independent national BHARATI TV station in our "occupied" Bharat, Europe and America, functioning with the freedoms that you enjoy in Pakistan today. 
Most of us will love to go back (like the Palestinian refugees) to our ancestral lands and homes should Pakistan declare herself a Secular Republic like TURKEY.

There are no towns in Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) with close spiritual and historical associations for us like Lahore, Multan, Mailsi, Khanewal, Raiwind, Sialkot, Gujranwals, Sheikhupura and Sargodha. 

Like the Palestinians, we too, yearn for return to our land of roots though unlike the Palestinians none on earth is speaking on OUR behalf.

Congratulations Pakistan for granting FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, i.e., VOICE, to your people. 

Congratulations to the lawyers, barristers and judges of Pakistan who have championed the LEGALITY of these freedoms.

Congratulations to the armed forces of Pakistan who are now standing by freedom of expression of the media.

The way ahead is not easy for you but the reward at the destination will be the paradise on earth.

You are also inspiring the semi dead Hindu nation next door who cannot even whisper, “QUIT INDIA!” to Italian born Sonia “Gandhi”.

(NB:  The writer is one of the millions of former refugees from West Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and Baluchistan, whose spiritual links to that territory are still alive.)

June 5, 2008. (24th anniversary of malicious and treacherous Operation Blue Star against own people for which so far NO minister, general or Brigadier of the Indian (mercenary) Army has been tried, court-martialled or hanged to death.