Date: 06 Jun 2008


How We Can Achieve Victory for 
Rep. Myrick’s “Wake-Up America” Plan

By Brigitte Gabriel

Dear Rajinder,

There is jihadist “preaching” in America that calls for attacks on our Armed Forces and the death of American citizens. Would you like to see Congress pass Rep. Sue Myrick’s proposal that would treat this as treason or sedition?

Would you like to see the Government Accounting Office conduct an investigation of the FBI’s Arabic translator hiring process, as she proposes?

Would you like to see a government investigation of every U.S. prison chaplain approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi, convicted in 2004 of terrorist-related activities? Or an IRS investigation of the tax status of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)?

Then please read this letter carefully as I explain what it will take to make these and the rest of Rep. Myrick’s “Wake Up America” plan a reality.

When I wrote you yesterday I told you how opportunities and challenges are changing the “big picture” for us, and how important it was that every one of our members see themselves as essential members of our “team.”

I did so because we have courageous leaders like Rep. Myrick who need our support. And we still have the freedom in this country to speak out and fight against Islamofascism. But how much time do we have before political correctness makes victory over Islamofascism virtually impossible to achieve?

We can’t afford to wait to find out the answer. Now is the time for bold action. What will it take to turn proposals like those made by Rep. Myrick into reality?

Over the past 30 years, every national grassroots organization that has dramatically impacted government and national policy has had one thing in common. It’s a “business model” that has proven successful over and over again.

It hasn’t mattered whether the organization was liberal or conservative, or even what issues it cared about.

The list of such organizations that have used this “business model” spans the political spectrum: MoveOn.org…NRA…Christian Coalition…Sierra Club…National Taxpayers Union…Concerned Women for America…NOW.

As different as these organizations are, they’ve had one thing in common that made their success possible.

That common element is this – thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of supporters who each contribute a little money each month or each year. A grassroots “army” of supporters who each understand that their $20 a month or $50 a year is essential to fighting for the cause of the organization they’re committed to.

This principle – “a lot of people each doing a little” – made it possible for each of these organizations to become a powerhouse for their respective causes. They have gotten things done because of their deep reservoir of “people power.”

Yet as dangerous as the threat of Islamofascism is, at this time there is no organization devoted to national security and stopping this threat that has the influence and effectiveness of any of the organizations I mentioned above.

We are determined to change that. We are determined to be that organization. Why? Because, as a key congressional staff member told our Executive Director Guy Rodgers, “that’s what it’s going to take” to get proposals like Rep. Myrick’s plan through Congress. It’s going to take serious “people power” to overcome the political correctness that permeates our Congress.

Many of you reading this email have been members of either American Congress for Truth or ACT! for America for many months, even years. You have watched us grow. You have watched us fight for you. You have watched us lay out our plans and follow through on them. Hopefully, we’ve earned your trust.

Now we’ve come to a fork in the road where we as an organization must decide, by our actions, whether or not we want to strive to be the powerful grassroots action network that can roll back the Islamist threat by getting proposals like Rep. Myrick’s “Wake-Up America” plan enacted.

If you agree that we can and must move ahead, then with deep gratitude I say “with your help, we will.” It won’t happen overnight, but working together, we will be that organization where “a lot of people each do a little” – and we’ll succeed in ways we can only imagine today.

So I’m asking you today, during this month of June that falls between two very meaningful holidays, Memorial Day and Independence Day, to help us turn this simple principle into a powerful reality – for the sake of our families and the generations who will follow us.

Today I’m announcing a 30 day campaign we are calling the “Patriot Partner” campaign.

If you believe in what we’re doing…if you believe there must be an organization big enough and strong enough to provide the grassroots support for worthy proposals like Rep. Myrick’s…and if you believe we are poised and positioned to be that organization…

Will you become a Patriot Partner, a partner who will pledge to make an affordable investment each month in ACT! for America, so we can take a giant leap toward becoming that organization?

There are three contribution levels for you to choose from:

$20 per month Patriot 
$40 per month Patriot 
$100 per month Patriot 
All you have to do is click here to make your commitment online. It’s easy, safe and actually more secure than mailing a check! And we recently simplified our donation page to save you even more time.

All you have to do is decide which monthly giving option you can afford, fill in a short form, and you’re done. You can give with a credit card, or from your checking account or savings account.

As my way of saying “thank you,” if you choose the $20 per month level, I’ll send you a copy of the powerful film documentary “Obsession.”

If you choose the $40 per month level, I’ll send you “Obsession” AND a copy of the book The Political Traditions of Mohammed. This book captures the essence of the Hadith – the traditions and sayings of Mohammed – in easy-to-read language, arranged by topics. The section on “jihad” is so eye-opening you’ll want to show it to every person you know who just doesn’t understand why you’re so concerned about this!

And if you choose the $100 per month level, I’ll send you “Obsession,” The Political Traditions of Mohammed, AND a bonus — I’ll put you on a list of people who will be invited to a special conference call every three months, a call on which I will conduct confidential briefings for our $100 per month Patriots.

More and more people are looking to us for leadership, and there’s no question we are having an impact. But to really start rolling back the threat of radical Islam, we need to make a much, much larger impact.

Which means we need to become a much, much larger organization, with much more strength and a much more powerful voice. Because that’s what it’s going to take to get important proposals like Rep. Myrick’s plan passed and put into action. That’s what it’s going to take to achieve victory.

For us to take the next big step toward that goal, I’m asking that 1,000 of you, our dear members, step up and answer this challenge.

We need 750 of you to enlist as $20 per month Patriots.

We need 150 of you to enlist as $40 per month Patriots.

And we need 100 of you to enlist as $100 per month Patriots.

Will you click here to sign up today to be one of these Patriot Partners?

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials where the announcer says, “for only $1 a day, you can help…”

We can make this major step forward with most of you investing just 67 cents per day!

There are times in every business venture or every mission when circumstances and opportunities dictate to those involved that they choose whether or not to take a major step forward. I believe we are now facing one of those times.

Do we want to be an organization that can get significant legislation passed in Congress – in spite of the opposition of those committed to political correctness?

Do we want to be an organization that can put enough pressure on the administration that the FBI no longer hires CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) to provide training to its agents?

Do we want to be an organization that, by boycotting a major bank, can force it to dump its plan for sharia-compliant investing?

If your answer is “yes,” will you join me in putting us on the path to making this a reality?

Please click here to become a Patriot Partner by giving the monthly amount you can afford. For if everyone does a little, together we’ll accomplish a lot.

There is no substitute for victory in this fight. We cannot afford to fail. If you believe in our vision and our mission, then now is the time to ACT!

If you are already a monthly contributor, depending on your giving level you should have previously received a lapel pin or a copy of my book, Because They Hate. If you would like to increase that monthly amount, simply click here, fill out the form for the additional amount you want to give, and we’ll send you the gifts I previously described for an additional monthly gift of $20, $40 or $100.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my heart. Together, we can rise in defense of America. We can do this. For the sake of our families, friends, and the generations who will follow us, we must do this.

But we will only do it if we do it together. Can I count on you to sign up to be a Patriot Partner today?

Always devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel


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