Minority and majority status in Bhaarat

Date: 09 Jun 2008


Minority and majority status in Bhaarat
Hindus all over the world are aware about the dangers that Hinduism is facing Today! 



After partition of Bhaarat, Congress party realizing that Hindus would be very angry for the division of country started courting Muslims and other minorities for their votes. For this purpose congress gave many concessions to minorities. Muslims are in Majority in Kashmir state. States like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala have high percentage of Muslims. In all eastern states Christians are more than 97% and even have Christian chief minister always. Sikhs are in majority in Punjab. At places where Muslims, Christians, Sikhs are in majority, still claim the benefits reserved for minority community in spite of being in majority in some states or having very high percentage of their community. 

Christian countries work for the welfare of Christians, Saudi Arabia works fro the welfare of Muslims around the world, China; Japan supports Buddhists and Buddhist countries. It is only stupid Bhaarat which does nothing for Hindus anywhere in the world, be it Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad, Fiji etc. NOTHING is done for the protection of Hindus. Call it the stupidity of Hinduism. We have a Sikh PM, Christian Super PM, Christian Defence Minister, Muslim Foreign Minister. We, Hindus are fighting against one another in the name of region and caste.    Hindu leaders have Islamophilia and carry out Muslim appeasement all the time. Hindus are suffering due to pseudo secularism policy of Bhaarat, anti Hindu Bhaaratiya leaders, anti-Hindu media of Bhaarat. Media in Bhaarat is mostly controlled by Christians and Muslims.

To please minorities’ even national language Hindi is relegated to unimportant position as compared to Urdu and English. The net result is Hindi films do not write Hindi any anywhere in Hindi film and the language of Hindi films is mostly Urdu. Now a day’s even English is very frequently used in Hindi films while proper Hindi words are available. English should have been completely replaced by Hindi by year 1965, but due to minority appeasement, English educated bureaucracy English and Urdu have still dominant positions in Bhaarat. 

See how much leaders of Bhaarat are making the position of Hindus of no importance and insignificant every where in the world including Bhaarat.

Hindu leaders who are trying to show that Muslims and Christians are superior to themselves.



 India is helping Hindus aplenty. 

It is driving nails in coffin of Hinduism...these nails are called...secularism, votebank, appeasement...etc.

 Hindu temples are helped to liquidate their monies faster by giving away larger share to Churches and Mosques,

 By having Christians at the top, we have open sympathy of Vatican and other centers of Christianity.

By getting encouraging conversion of Hindus to other faiths government is decreasing load on Hindu resources.

 By not helping Hindus, government is keeping a lid upon open hostilities from non-Hindus.

 Just think...negative is positive!!! Foul is fair..!!!

 YouTube- Muslim Aggression on India





So far as I remember, soon after the Partition, Sikh leaders, headed by Master Tara Singh, started pressurizing for a Sikh State or Punjabi Suba. They got the impetus from Article 370 for the Muslim majority State of J&K, which gave it the right to have its own separate Constitution. At that time, Punjab was not a; Sikh majority State. Sardar Patel gave a rebuff to Tara Singh and the latter advised his fellows not to talk about it so long Patel was there.  

        After Patel's death, the Sikh leaders again raised their voice. Agreeing to their demand, Hindu and Hindi majority areas of Punjab were segregated. One part was made  Haryana and other parts,  like Kangra, were made part of Himachal Pradesh so that Punjab became a Sikh majority province. The Sikh leaders made Panjabi written in Gurumukhi script as the official language of this new State of Panjab. Hindi was relegated to the position of untouchable.  

         The Constitution (Art. 25) states that the Sikhs are part of ;Hindus, but the notification of the Central government giving  Sikhs the status of a national minority, along with Muslims and Christians, has led them to separatist tactics, distancing from Hindus and Hindu dharma, for whose protection the Khalsa Panth had been created. As a matter of fact, the classification of minority and majority is a major obstacle in communal harmony in India. The type of 'minoritysm', practiced in India during the past 60 years, has led to the situation that in Delhi State, where Sikh population is less than 5 per cent, Panjabi written in Gurumukhi script has been made an additional official language, but in Panjab where Hindus form 40 per cent (2001 census), Hindi is untouchable. A few years ago, I had the chance of going to Panjab. I found all sign boards on shops, government offices, buses, etc. in Gurumukhi only, with English dotted here and there. Practically, I found myself quite illiterate in our neighboring State. 

          I don't know how to reply our Sikh and Punjabi enthusiasts. 


Ram Bhai

 Students quit after school makes turbans compulsory 
IBNlive News

Cheema Mandi (Sangrur): Nearly a hundred families have stopped sending their children to school after it imposed a new rule that forces students to wear turbans in class.

The parents of the students at the Akal Academy in Sangrur are now planning to challenge the rule in court.

"We will not send our children to the school. There are about 100 of us and all of us are willing to take the matter to court," a disgruntled parent, Kewal Krishan, said.

The Academy -- a Sikh institution -- recently made it compulsory for all students from Class VI to wear turbans. Nearly 20 per cent of the 1400 students are Hindu but the administration is intent on enforcing the rule, irrespective of religion.

"We will not compromise on our basic principles. It's an integral part of our school uniform. We will insist on it to maintain discipline," Chief Co-coordinator, Akal Academy, R S Chhatwal, said.

Meanwhile, the Akal Academy is trying to play down the controversy, claiming that the number of students dropping out has been exaggerated.

It is a shame that in India, which has Hindu majority, students had to quit school because the Sikh minority is forcing turbans on students. Its true that many Hindus, on their own, may wear turbans in parts of Rajasthan or Haryana, but then it is not forced upon them, it’s done voluntarily. Also their is a different style to Hindu turbans in these areas and Sikh pagri. If India had true democracy, they would have suspended the aid to school, but in India's perverted democracy, students had to quit their school. Its a matter of shame, is this what democracy means under Singh's UPA?

Finance Minister doubles allocation for minority welfare
Press Trust of India? - Feb 29, 2008


New Delhi: Welfare of minorities got a boost on Friday with the Union Budget doubling the allocation for their welfare and introducing a slew of new schemes.

Presenting the Budget for 2008-09 in the Lok Sabha, Finance Minister P Chidambaram announced that the allocation for the Ministry of Minority Affairs has been increased from Rs 500 crore in 2007-08 to Rs 1,000 crore in 2008-09.

Apart from this, a multi-sectoral development plan for each of the 90 minority concentration districts will be drawn up a cost of Rs 3,780 crore. The allocation in 2008-09 will be Rs 540 crores.

A pre-matric scholarship scheme with an allocation of Rs 80 crores, a provision of Rs 45.45 crores for modernizing madrasa education, are some of the other schemes announced by the Finance Minister.

A total of 256 branches of public sector banks have been opened this year until December 2007 in districts with substantial minority population. He also said that 288 more will be opened by March 2008.

Chidambaram further announced that more candidates belonging to the minority communities will be recruited in the Central Para-Military Forces.


FM doubles allocation for minority welfare

Is this fair? Why no allocation for poor Hindus? Are they children of a lesser god? Why so much of minority appeasement in India at the expense of Hindu majority. It is a curse to be born as a Hindu. Is the purpose of our existence solely to molly-coddle and fulfill various demands of the Muslims? Shouldn’t the government be concerned about the poor in all communities, instead of the just minority communities? Why are Hindus always in the losing end, when we are the major tax payers? 


Hindu funds for Muslim welfare. Muslims funds? That too for Muslim welfare.  So the net losers are Hindus!!! Will we ever wake up and stand for our rights, our brethren, our survival.... 

Rs 330 cr package for Godhra riot-hit
May 22, 2008

New Delhi: In a significant decision, the Centre on Thursday announced an over Rs 330 crores relief package for the victims of the 2002 post-Godhra riots in Gujarat.

A meeting of the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh approved a proposal for payment of additional ex-gratia to the victims as also towards damaged residential properties and uninsured commercial property.

The compensation package for Gujarat riot victims will keep them on par with the measures taken in respect of victims of the anti-Sikh riots in 1984.

The next of kin of 1,169 people killed in the riots would be paid Rs 3.5 lakh ex-gratia in addition to the amount paid by the state government, Finance Minister P Chidambaram said after the cabinet meeting in the capital.
This would amount to an additional liability of Rs 40.91 crore to the exchequer, he said.

A sum of Rs 1.25 lakh would also be paid to each of the 2,548 people injured after deducting the amount already paid to them by the state government, Chidambaram said, adding this would cost the central exchequer Rs 29.64 crores.

The victims, whose residential properties had been damaged, would get an additional ex-gratia of ten times the amount given by the state government after excluding the amount already paid by the state. The additional liability on this count would come to Rs 262.44 crores, he said.

The Gujarat government had paid Rs 30.10 crores for damage to residential properties.
The Cabinet also gave its approval for grant of additional ex-gratia for damage to uninsured commercial and industrial properties, Chidambaram said.

In these cases, the ex-gratia would be ten times the amount given by the state government, deducting the amount already paid, he said.

"Data on uninsured commercial properties are being collected and it may not be possible to give the quantum of funds required. But the intention is to give some compensation to the uninsured commercial properties which were damaged," the Minister said.

Replying to questions on the list of victims, Chidambaram said "these are the agreed figures. The list is in respect of which compensation has been paid by the state government." There is no relief package for Hindus burnt alive in the Godra train incident.


Here is a package for the post Godhra riot victims - mostly Muslims - following the Policy of priority for Muslims on national resources by Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh! 

Why not such a package for all victims of riots including Hindus and Jihadi terrorism, Maoist and Naxalite terrorism, and particularly for the 300,000 Kashmiri Hindus who have been violently thrown out of their homes by the Islamic terrorists and lived under pathetic conditions during the last 20 years?KB

Of course no such package will be provided to the 300,000 Kashmiri Pandits who have been thrown out of their homes by the Islamic terrorists. An event that has happened nearly 20 years ago.