Date: 12 Jun 2008



Ignorant people remain slaves. 
Only a well informed nations can progress and prosper. 
In order to progress & prosper we need freedoms of thought, initiative and action.

Imagine you are filling your petrol tank but a thief siphoning it off every night. 
Imagine an authority, instead of facilitating industry & export requires one to pass through a hundred constitutional, bureaucratic and legal hurdles, draws up complicated rules and regulations, and creates a system and inspectors who demand commissions and bribes to take away 40% of your profits.
Imagine someone in higher position of power who has no heart in the well-being, progress and happiness of people but creates a needless political circus in order to keep everyone "dancing" and wasting energy.
We do not even have to imagine our history. We went through great persecution, Sikh hunt, Partition of our lands and even Operation Blue Star when WE DID NOT KNOW OUR RULERS. 

Now imagine the higher power, often invisible, always posing as one of our own, watching, observing and devising all means & tricks to thwart, halt, even reverse your progress.

In this respect let us look at national and provincial levels. At the former level, we have Nehru/Gandhi Dynasty in charge of our fate who are imposing and enforcing their own kind of socialism that suits them for their own hidden agenda.

At the latter level we have the GOVERNOR of Punjab, the "invisible" Man of Centre.
This person is out of public focus and that is MOST unfortunate for the Sikhs in that State. 

Furthermore, he is not elected by people but the dishonest choice of the devious and cunning Centre with deeply entrenched anti national ideology. That is where things have gone and will go, tragically and drastically wrong for everybody except the ruling dynasty and establishment.

He is like the British Regent appointed to the Court of Khalsa Durbar at Lahore. He is the eyes and ears of Central Government. He is supposed to be neutral but in reality he is as neutral and secular (and "Mai Baap") as Indira Gandhi was.

It is not realised by most people that Central Government can at any time bring about, create or contrive, circumstances in which the GOVERNOR can dismiss the elected state government and take over its RULE in his own hands.

How much do we know about the "Man out of Focus" who can pitch one faction against another, who can bring disaster to Sri Harmandir Sahib once again. Do we recall the plane crash near Jammu in which the Governor of Punjab LUCKILY DIED. 

We say "luckily" because when they collected his suitcases scattered on ground after the crash, they found these STUFFED WITH BANK NOTES. This colossal amount of money was meant to reward one faction against another on ground to continue the insurgency and have the excuse to crack down on it. A police inspector general of the time declared, "I will kill TWO of them if they kill one of my men." Do we know his name? Could we force him to explain his boast? Could we stand him in the dock?

How much do we know about the man who is the present GOVERNOR of State of (East) Punjab?

1.  What is his name?
2.  Is he a Panjabi like ALL THE PEOPLE of Punjab? (How can he RELATE to people if he is not?)
3.  Does he speak Panjabi at home with his mother, wife and children? (If not, then how and WHY will he support the study and propagation of the Panjabi language?)
4.  Doe he go to gurdwara for worship like MOST of his subjects? (If no, then how why should he put us above his own congregation?)
5.  What was he doing in those crucial years for the Sikhs, during 1980's? What was his job and role?
6.  What is his BACKGROUND? Was he an IAS civilisan officer or a MAN IN UNIFORM? If so, why does Punjab need a man who was in uniform wielding GUN AND STICK against our people, but not an economist, educationalist, social crusader, freedom fighter, or a reformer?

Dear readers, answer these questions and if the answer is "NO" to most, then WHAT "THE HELL" IS HE DOING IN THAT CHAIR of potentially great damage to the people of Punjab, especially the Sikhs?

If we don't remove him from his post and send him back to the country he came from, there will be no progress or unity in land. 
Can we afford in invite another Operation Blue Star due to our IGNORANCE and SUBMISSION?

Wron men are the cause of all ills. Foolish nations cry later when damage is done but do not care to find out who are people on top, WHAT ARE THEIR BELIEFS AND WHERE THEIR LOYALTIES LIE.