Date: 15 Jun 2008


Most Northeastern Indians are Pork and/or Dog Eaters but it is also the most Islamised region of India. Also Pork Eating Santhal 
Parganas (Jharkhand) and Birbhum has now almost 50% Bangladeshi 

Mizoram and Manipuri people are not ethnically different but Mizo 
Kukis are a main ethnicity in Manipur of Meitei, Naga and Kukis. 
Mizo Kukis reside in the bordering hills but Muslims have crossed 
them and settled in huge numbers in Manipur plains apart from the 
said hills dominated by Manipuri 'Pangal' Muslims. Bangladeshi 
Muslims have also settled in Tripura to such an extent that now 
almost 90% labourers or rickshaw pullers of Agartala are them.

Assam is almost gone and in this scenario without exchange Northeast will soon become "Islamistan" but no Non-Muslims will be saved! When Assam is gone these fringe states will no more be connected with India and so we need to widen, secure and save Silliguri Corridor and Assam first if we want any route to Myanmar in future or want India and Indians in Northeast India to be saved!

But, even if districts of Assam and Manipur is spared Mizoram and 
Agartala with 12 districts can be bartered for the 11 Northwest 
Bangladesh districts or else East India is gone and a few islands of Non-Muslim population will make no difference!

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> The hill tribes and Sinic people have resisted Islam much better than Bengali Hindus - having a distinct culture insulates them against Islam to some degree, but the most important resistance comes from their food habits. 
> They raise and eat pork, they keep pet dogs.
> This is one reason these parts of India isn't Islamised yet. The least prefered Islamic destination is Mizoram. The muslims would rather settle in bhajan singing&nbsp;Manipur, islamosecular 
Assam&nbsp;and communist&nbsp;Tripura.
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> the Mizos have the best practices that have resisted Islam. All it takes now is for the rest of India, start enjoying pork and have pet dogs.
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> There are a few Kennel clubs in Kolkata. We need to identify 
places for dog run and races.&nbsp;
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> All&nbsp;Indian diplomatic initiatives will be stonewalled by the Jihadis. And exchange of land will not be fair on the Mizos and Manipuris. The North east&nbsp;will be&nbsp;India's gateway to the fareast once the Asian road and rail network is put into place.
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> There is no shortcut to raising and eating pork, if Hindus are to resist Islam in India. The santhal and some other tribes engage in ritual Boar hunt, to mark the coming to age of every young&nbsp;man.