Date: 15 Jun 2008


Hindu society has to make up its mind that it is no longer going to
tolerate this degenerate politics which has been disintegrating Hindu
society on the one hand, and consolidating the Muslim millat on the
other. Only a politics created by Hindu consciousness and guided by
Hindu ideology can retrieve the situation and meet the challenge of
Islamic imperialism.

Hindu society has to stand up unitedly and firmly to seize the central
state while it still functions as a democracy. It may not function as
a democracy for long, looking at the Muslim, Marxist and dynastic
pressures which are deflecting it towards dictatorship, if not in
name, at least in spirit. Hindu society has to see to it that the
central state acquires a Hindu character and gets infused with Hindu
consciousness, and that the central government functions as a Hindu
government in a Hindu homeland.

Dr. Misra�s book will help Hindu society not only in acquiring the
self-confidence that Islamic imperialism can be beaten back by Hindu
heroism but also in evolving and employing a forward policy in the
absence of which Hindu heroism had failed in the past. That policy has
to be two-pronged - one directed against the ideological frontiers of
Pakistan in the world at large and the other against those frontiers
at home.


The first policy has to aim at destroying the bases of aggression. We
have to push forward our own ideological frontiers and free every land
from the stranglehold of Islam. We have plenty of friends in the
forces of humanism, rationalism and universalism with all of which our
own culture of Sanatana Dharma is in complete accord. We shall find
these friends even in Islamic countries. They are waiting to be
mobilised and made vocal. Let us not confuse these forces with the
foreign policy postures of particular countries. These forces are of a
more permanent and consistent character.

Secondly, we have to liberate our own Muslim masse from the
stranglehold of Mullahs and Muslim politicians. The Muslim masses are
our own people who have been alienated from their ancestral society
and culture by the ideology of Islam. On the other hand, the mullahs
and Muslim politicians are mostly descendants of foreign invaders -
Arabs, Turks, Iranians - who have not yet been cured of the conviction
that India is their patrimony bequeathed to them by the sword of their
forefathers. Islam sits lightly on the Muslim masses who otherwise
share a lot with their other countrymen. On the other hand, Islam is
the only stock-in-trade of mullahs and Muslim politicians without
which they will fall headlong from the prestigious pedestals on which
they are perched at present. The two have to be differentiated and
dealt with differently. The Muslim masses have to be won back to the
national mainstream. The mullahs and Muslim politicians have to be
isolated and immobilised.

In recent years, the mullahs and Muslim politicians have been
receiving liberal financial assistance and sustained moral support
from the oil-rich Islamic countries. Their tone has continued to
become more and more aggressive. They have frequently fomented riots
in which Muslim mobs have turned violent not only against their Hindu
neighbours but also against the security forces sent to restore law
and order. The so-called Muslim minority is thus being fast converted
into a far-flung fifth-column which will not hesitate to collaborate
with foreign aggression as soon as that aggression shows some signs of
success. This time the collaboration is not likely to be confined to
spying as in the period surveyed by Dr. Misra. This time it will
inevitably develop into wide-spread sabotage in the rear of our
fighting forces.