Army's war heroes to return medals

Date: 15 Jun 2008


Army's war heroes to return medals


Armed forces are vital for the defence of any country that wants to survive as an independent nation. Those who do not realize this basic fact are once again inviting the yoke of slavery besides surrender of territory. We expected the rulers of India to have realized one fact, that their country holds world record in slavery that lasted centuries, not just a few decades as in the case of Russians in the Soviet Union. Obviously, though unknown to the gullible and simple people of India, their rulers are in unspoken collusion with the enemy and actually wish to rundown, weaken, ruin. destroy and finally see the same flag flying over Dehli that flies over Lahore and Karachi today.


All decent, honourable and strong nations value and recognize the services of their armed forces, ensure their well-being and morale, celebrate their victories and regard them as an essential part of the nation.


In America the armed forces are held in the highest esteem and in Britain all members of the Royal family have served in the armed forces, proudly wearing uniform. In contrast we never saw Nehru, MK Gandhi, Sanjay and Rajiv considering even a brief spell as a combatant in the armed forces of their country. They became notorious for committing wrong deeds.


The biggest disservice, if not treachery, towards our armed forces is the imposition of Gandhian ethos upon the ignorant and brainwashed nation. The result is that a career in armed forces is not considered decent in accordance with that ethos of non violence.


The first result of that useless, rather lethal, ideology was withholding the armed forces when India was attacked by the enemy from within, and was forced to surrender five provinces overnight.


As a further blight the nation was never allowed to identify the enemy. There rose chants of “Bhai Bhai” while our brave armed forces were ordered to withdraw from entire Eastern and Western India. It was a rout, not a leisurely withdrawal. Our leaders churned us all in the cauldron of deception and called the biggest defeat and surrender “Independence”. There has never been even a voice in favour of designating August 15 as Surrender Day.


Armies need victories for the upkeep of their morale and combat spirit. The record of so-called victories in India is dismal. It actually amounts to degradation and demoralization of the armed forces. Here are some instances that ought not to be ignored.


As mentioned above the armed forces were held back on August 15, 1947 to deny them the first victory by repulsing the Islamic attack on our secular ethos, ideology and territory. They were submerged in shame overnight while Jawaharlal Nehru was seeing the glow of his freedom.


Thereafter, the army was withheld in the cruelest manner just when they were advancing and recovering our own territory in Kashmir. It was the second step taken towards their demoralization.


Everyone knows what happened subsequently. All wars ended in cease-fire, further demoralizing our armed forces. The only instance of victory over East Pakistan was turned into defeat when Prime Minister Indira Khanum returned the conquered territory back to the enemy. 


Did she not know that the enemy does not return even an inch of territory that they capture from India?


Frankly, while Bandit Nehru had to be stood before the firing squad, his daughter, too, had to be tried for High Treason against her secular India and for her betrayal, and insult, of our armed forces.


Taking advantage of gullibility and loyalty of the nation our rulers and leaders have continued their neglect and apathy in many other ways.


It is no secret that the jawans have been ill equipped, ill clothed and ill led. The armed forces have been acutely short of officers. Even the artillery guns were bought to enrich the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. That deal made him “Bofors Chor” while the case against him cannot be tried to its conclusion.


The army has been kept in poorly built quarters in Jammu & Kashmir State and often in leaking and torn tents. Promotion of senior offices was not on merit but connections. 


Though the President is also the Supreme Commander when did we ever see him/her go to operational areas to address the Jawans, and when did he/she attend the funeral of an officer in the combat zone? When did this so-called Rahstrapati (President) ever propose or suggest an Army Day or Victory Day?


What about their emoluments? These have not kept pace with inflation. The 6th Pay Commission Award has caused such resentment that at last the retired servicemen and women have united to raise their voice for the deaf political leadership in Partitioned India (Bharat).


At present the resentment is so widespread and strong that the winners of awards for gallantry and bravery have decided to return these to the President. There can be no bigger snub to their present female Supreme Commander who is not seen to lift her finger for the restoration of pride and honour of the armed forces under her command.



Army's war heroes to return medals


Saturday, June 14, 2008 (New Delhi)


Gallantry award winners of the Armed forces nationwide will return their medals to President Pratibha Patil soon to protest the measly raise in the monthly monetary allowance the government announced last month.

''The executive committee of the War Decorated India (WDI), a nationwide organisation representing the winners of gallantry medals such as Param Vir Chakra (PVC), Maha Vir Chakra (MVC) and Vir Chakra (VrC), has resolved to return the medals in protest against the piddly raise,'' WDI general secretary Capt (retired) Reet M P Singh said on Saturday.

Coming soon after Armed forces veterans' protest march to seek a better deal for both serving and retired officers and ranks from the Sixth Pay Commission, their protest has all the potential to rattle the UPA government.

Soon after a stormy WDI executive committee meeting which ended in Chandigarh, Singh, who is a VrC winner from the 1965 Indo-Pak war, said the committee members were loud in their protest against the paltry hike announced by the government.

On May 14, the government had announced a 100 per cent hike to the monthly allowance that it paid to the gallantry award winners.

''Doubling of the paltry sum already being paid is like doubling the number zero. It amounts to nothing,'' Singh said, voicing the views of 13 of the 18 WDI executive committee members.