Date: 16 Jun 2008


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The Editor 
Dispatches Team
Channel 4
Ref. your program today "jail to jihad" by Muslims living in the UK.
The British government is deluded, hoping against hope with what it is trying to do for these Muslims in the UK.  Throwing money at trying to 
de-radicalise is a lost cause .. the Muslim Mullas laugh at gullible Mr. Brown and at the government for giving them money, which they take with pleasure of course, and quitely smile.
Islam is an irrational, volatile and a violent faith .. and those very Mullas who call themselves "moderate" actually mock the government, because they actaully believe in a suiside bomber going to heaven and to whom Allah will give several virgin women when he dies and goes to paradise .. if this is not evil, then I wonder what is?  But has anyone ever asked themselves that question before giving them these millions of pounds of tax payers money?
There is only one way to protect any non-Muslim country against Islam and the terror it followers unleash .. and that is to remove them from the UK, all Europe, the USA and Cananda, and deport them back to their Islamic motherlands from where thy fled in the first place to a Christain land for a better life.
What I say is not religious or race hatered, and must not be interpreted as such .. it is a simple and democratic expression of freedom of thought speech.  Unlike the Muslims, we talk, but they bomb us.
Mr. Enoch Powells prophesy is yet to come true .. we havent seen anything yet for the real face of Islam and the terror by Muslims living in the UK is yet to be unleashed, and we as the Birtish nation would do well to heed Mr. Powells warnings, because its better late then never at all.
When will the gullible Mr. Brown and the British government wake up to reality that the Muslim faith and its followers are evil, not because they are born evil, but because they are born into a faith that preaches conversion or otherwise death of all non-Muslims.
Mr. Brown and the British government are still fast asleep .. they must take a lesson from what is happening in India today .. India the land of the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jew and Christian/Catholic who together host and tolerate over 200 million Muslim guests living in India, appeased by the Indian government and given everything that they desire including freedom to practise Sharia, and yet they bomb India.  Worse still, they now export Islamic terror from India into the UK and Austraila.
Hey, wakey wakey Mr. Brown.  Its time you woke up from deep slumber, and ask the Muslims to leave the UK, sell up and take their wealth with them or otherwise convert to out of Islam into any other faith of their choise .. and since they live in a Christian land, its logical they should be invited to convert to Christianity if they want to continue to live in the UK.
I think that such a public debate should take place in the UK to put pressure on Muslims, and indeed on Muslims worldwide who choose to live in any non-Islamic lands in order to encourage them to leave and go live "peacefully" in Pakistan and Bangladesh perhaps?
They understand such language .. and the absurdities of political correctness should be put aside for the purposes of such a debate.
They will start to behave just as soon as their very comfortable and state benefit supported lifestyles are threatened.