Date: 26 Jul 2008


Shri L.K. Advaniji
Hon'ble Leader of Opposition
Lok Sabha
New Delhi
Respected Sir,
With great disappointment and reluctance, I share the anguish of all nationalistic and patriotic citizens of our country on the recent events in Parliament. However what was more distressing was the pathetic response of your party and also  the speech of your goodself during the vote of confidence motion.
Instead of taking on the U.P.A. government on the various acts of commission and omission during its tenure in the last four years, not to mention the dismal national security scenario that prevails today, you were targeting Dr. Manmohan Singh rather than the real power centre, Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Not a single word was mentioned on the facilitation of transfer of millions of Pounds from the frozen bank account in the U.K. to her close friend Ottavio Quatrocchi and her personal intervention in helping him to escape extradition from Argentina. There was also no mention on the recent shameful misuse of office for personal gains by Shri T.R. Balu, Union Minister for Road and Shipping. 
In the recent interview to Shri Karan Thapar in Devil's Advocate, Shri Kapil Sabil, Union Minister For Science and Technology spoke about your goodself agreeing to support the Indo-US Nuclear deal after discussions with Dr. Manmohan Singh in Dec 07 in the presence of Shri A.B. Vajpayeeji and Shri Brijesh Mishra. He also went on to further add that Shri Jaswant Singh complimented the N.S.A and Foreign Secretary on the Indo-US Nuclear deal. Till date, there has been no rebuttal from either of you on the above statement of Shri Kapil Sibal.
What is more disconcerting is that out of the 10 cross votings and abstentions during the vote of confidence,  8 were from your party, was it a mere coincidence and surprise that in the cash for query scam also, the maximum number of M.P.'s  belonged to the B.J.P. All this only points to a serious deficiency in selection process for M.L.A.'s and M.P.'s, who are being picked more on the basis of caste, nepotism etc rather than their contribution to the society and Sangh Parivar background.
Your goodself had recently remarked in the interview to the Hindu newspaper that neglect of your core constituency was one of the reasons for the defeat of the B.J.P. in the 2004 Parliamentary elections. However we do not see any remedial action being taken to address this shortcoming. Instead we are witnessing the sorry spectacle of increasing secularisation and congressisation of the B.J.P. alienating your hardcore supporters even more. After Omar Abdullah spoke, there was not a single response to his provocative outburst either in Parliament or outside.
Please do not assume that anti incumbency would propel your party to power even with a ragtag coalition after the next elections. B.J.P.'s serious lack of credibility would be a major stumbling block in your bid to capture power at the centre. Moreover Kun. Mayawati has now emerged as a serious power challenger at the centre after having decimated your party in U.P. by capturing your traditional Hindu vote bank. Please remember the people of U.P. considered the B.S.P. as a better alternative to the S.P. rather than the B.J.P. in the last Assembly elections in Feb 2007. Also anti-incumbency in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc where B.J.P won maximum seats in 2004 elections could serious hamper your gains in other states. 
Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that your goodself had captured the imagination of an entire generation, yours truly included, when you strode the Rath Yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya for building the Lord Ram Temple. Merely paying lip service to the Hindu society and on the other hand warmly welcoming the rapid fundamentalist Prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali at your house in New Delhi recently and revelations of B.J.P. promising to support Shri Mulayam Singh for Prime Ministership in 2007, who ordered the firing of the Kar Sevaks in Ayodhya will only make your party fall between two stools. Make no mistake, Muslims and Christians will never vote for the B.J.P and will even resort to tactical voting to defeat the B.J.P. Unless your party seriously introspects and returns to the roots by  addressing its core Hindu constituency, more Hindus would ultimately see Kun. Mayawati as an better alternative to Congress rather than the B.J.P.
Dr. Manmohan Singh spoke in the Parliament to change your astrologers, rather change your core advisers especially please get more people from the Sangh Parivar.
Warm Regards
R. Ananthanarayan