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date: 28 jul 2008


secular and pseudo-secular hindus are trying to make bhaarat slave of america and western countries

having seen the confidence vote through comfortably, foreign minister pranab mukherjee now has a bigger job on his hand, but without the left. mukherjee is injecting the same energy into getting the nuclear deal through some very formidable steps

new delhi: samajwadi party leader amar singh's name figures in a formal complaint filed on friday 25 july, 2008 by the three bjp mps who had alleged on the floor of lok sabha that they were offered rs 3 crore each for abstaining in tuesday's trust vote. 

the three mps -- ashok argal, mahavir bhagora and fagan singh kulste -- replied in the affirmative when asked whether they have named the sp leader in their complaint to the lok sabha secretariat. 

the complaint was filed before pdt achary, secretary general of lok sabha. the secretariat had on thursday asked the three mps to give a formal complaint listing out the sequence of events. 

advani termed the upa victory as tainted and said that cash-for-votes scandal was like bofors scam of 1989. 

bhaaratiya politicians and legislators can be karya ?vikray ?ed (bought and sold) like cattle in any fish market or cattle market. they have no morality or self respect. they think themselves as saleable community.

meanwhile, acting tough, the bjp on wednesday expelled all eight party mps who cross-voted or abstained during the confidence motion in lok sabha. 

"we were shocked that a number of mps voted against the party directive," a senior leader, on condition of anonymity, said. 

massive cross voting and abstentions from the opposition, especially the nda, helped the upa score a comfortable victory in the confidence vote, belying all predictions of a close contest.

main opposition bjp was the worst sufferer with six of its mps voting in favour of the motion moved by prime minister man mohan singh. 

sombhai patel, babubhai katara and brijbhushan sharan singh were among the bjp mps who voted in favour of the government, while haribhau rathod was among the party mps who abstained. 

three bjp mps, who were having tea in the parliament house canteen, did not go to the house to cast their votes when the division bell rang in parliament house. 

	muslim king akbar was a shrewd politician who created division amongst hindu community due to which hindu opposition to muslim rule became weak. in the later half sixteenth century, only hindu raja rana pratap singh was left who was nationalist and patriotic. rest all hindu kings became under the influence of akbar. these all kings became united against rana pratap in favour of akbar and muslims. giving details and comments about the fight between raja man singh and maha rana pratap singh at haldighati in year 1576, historian budiyaan wrote that on day he understood the meaning of what mulla siri has said that,?sword of islam is swung by hindus against hindus in favour of islam.? it was traitorous hindus who won bhaarat first for muslims. 

	similarly in 18 and 19 century secular and traitor hindus fought against patriotic hindus for british people. at that time east india company was expanding and in its army there were mostly hindus. thus it were hindus who won bhaarat for british people.

the stupid rationalists haven't learnt anything from their experience in their endless fight against hinduism.  do they have guts to take on islamists or christians?  the great saying is "tell me your friend and i'll tell you who you are!"

in the eyes of the prime minister man mohan singh each one is patriot except hindus, especially hinduvaadi who are communal. the pm man mohan singh is anti hindu and hindi. we were slave to british people before, now we are becoming slave to usa. we were slave to british queen before, now we have become slave to italian queen.

south asia still suffers from the scars of colonialism: the boundaries and the political fault lines of its states - both internal and external - are legacies of colonial rule. all too often, this colonial inheritance has meant that common challenges facing the region have not been vigorously tackled - "poverty and ignorance, and disease and inequality of opportunity" continue to bedevil its people. this group aims to think beyond the identity politics that the once-colonized have embraced so enthusiastically to their detriment.

"unless the country is protected, dharma cannot be protected, and unless dharma is protected, the country cannot be protected. ....also, protect the dharmi to protect dharma, and remember: 'hindu vote is sacred: never barter it away' -- this should be our refrain /campaign all over bhaarat, at this critical juncture. we should demand follow-up action on the historic ?irupati declaration?(july 15, 2006), the three cardinal articles of which are: 

1) 'we hindus assembled here, in tirupati, declare that we do not support, directly or indirectly, any group, institution, religion, media, or political force, which preaches, practices or works against hindu dharma in this country'; 

1) 'we hindus assembled here, in tirupati, declare that we do not support, directly or indirectly, any group, institution, religion, media, or political force, which preaches, practices or works against hindu dharma in this country'; 

2) 'we appeal to all the hindus in this country and elsewhere to subscribe to and support this declaration, the tirupati declaration'; 

3) 'we want all the hindu religious endowments to be managed by hindu bodies, and not by the government. we want the secular government to release all religious endowments from its hold.' " -- swami dayananda saraswati. 

	there are many muslims and christians whose main activity is looting bhaarat and hindus and accusing hindus communal all the time. andhra pradesh chief minister chander shekhar with hindu name is a christian. there are many, many ministers in man mohan singh? cabinet who are christians but with hindu name. hindi film industry is full of muslims with hindu name. even sharmilla tagore after becoming muslims like to use her maiden hindu name sharmilla tagore rather her married muslim name.  even bhaaratiya media is full of journalists  like rajdeep sardesai, editors who are christians but with hindu name. most of the wealth is created by hindus in bhaarat but major benefits go to christians and muslims. first there was subsidy for going to haj, now there is subsidy for going to bethlem christian pilgrimage. for paying these subsidies even money and property of hindu temples is looted by all sorts of secular g9vernemts. secularism was meant to be no favour to any community, but these looters have twisted the meaning of words like secularism.  till there are muslims and christians on the soil of bhaarat hindus would always stay in one form or the other trouble. patriotic hindus must devise ways to get rid of maximum number of secular and pseudosecular and non-violent people from the soil of bhaarat for creating peace in bhaarat other wise bhaarat would always be slave and may be break upu in many other parts. muslims and christians are taking maximum advantage of the non-violence of hindus while they themselves always indulge in violence. unfortunately these secular and pseudo - secular leaders with hindu names who always keep advising hindus to stay calm and do not take any revenge against terrorists thus giving encourage to terrorists to indulge more terrorist activities against hindus.

here is some glimpse of how christians and muslims are looting bhaarat and hindus.

(government control of hindu temples in india -- a blatant violation of secularism & religious freedom) 

jul 22, 2008

  christians to have an exclusive department for their welfare in ap

from: xxxxxxxxxx 

subject: where is this leading to?

date: monday, 21 july, 2008, 7:53 pm

andhra pradesh samachar: daily news

organize by samachara bharati (ap vishwa samvad kendra)


19 july 08

christians get own wing 

hyderabad, july 18: christians will have an exclusive department for their welfare, headed by a principal secretary and a separate finance corporation. the chief minister, dr y.s. rajasekhar reddy, who discussed representations received from various christian organisations, approved the proposals here on friday.

hyderabad, july 18: christians will have an exclusive department for their welfare, headed by a principal secretary and a separate finance corporation. the chief minister, dr y.s. rajasekhar reddy, who discussed representations received from various christian organisations, approved the proposals here on friday.

currently, christians and other minority communities like muslims, sikhs, parsis come under the minorities department. the department for christians is the fallout of complaints from non-muslim minorities that muslims were cornering benefits in the minority department and others were denied their share of funds proportionate to their population.

dr reddy also approved a proposal to organise mass marriages for christian and muslim minorities on the lines of kalyanamasthu organised by the tirumala tirupati devasthanam and government. "poor couples will be paid rs 15,000 towards marriage expenses and other requirements," said the minorities welfare minister, mr mohd ali shabbir, after a meeting with the chief minister.

christians, particularly white card holders, on a pilgrimage to jerusalem will get subsidy from the government for the pilgrimage on the lines of haj. the first batch of christians with partial government support would be sent on pilgrimage next month. quoting from the 2001 census, mr shabbir said the total population of muslims in the state was 69.88 lakh followed by 12 lakh christians, 31,000 sikhs and 31,000 other minorities.

"the chief minister has directed that henceforth the minority welfare department should release funds proportionate to the population of the minority community," he added.

* * *

govt to help christians undertake pilgrimage to bethlehem

deccan chronicle, 19, july 2008

saturday july 19 2008 10:56 ist

express news service

hyderabad: now christians could undertake pilgrimage to the birth place of jesus christ - bethlehem in israel - with the help of the state government.

till now, the state government has been helping muslim minorities to undertake annual haj pilgrimage. chief minister y s rajasekhara reddy on friday cleared a proposal of the minorities welfare department to this effect.

according to minorities welfare minister md ali shabber, the chief minister had allocated rs 2 crore for this purpose. he is keen that the first batch of christians should visit bethlehem in august.

another decision taken at the review of the minorities welfare department by the chief minister is to organise mass marriages of all minority communities on the lines of the ttd? kalyanamastu.

the government will spend up to rs 15,000 on each couple for the wedding. for the wedding of the muslim couple, the wakf board will take up the responsibility and in respect of all other minority communities, the minority welfare department will do it.

"the chief minister has allocated rs 5 crore for this purpose," shabber said. the minister said that allocation of funds would be done in accordance with the population of minority communities.

according to 2001 census, there are about 70 lakh muslims, 12 lakh christians, 31,000 sikhs and an equal number of other minority communities. the chief minister responded favourably to the idea to constitute a corporation to take care of the interests of the christians.

"the chief minister asked the officials to come up with detailed proposals so that he could take a decision on it," shabber said.


raj shah <>

ahmedabad: seventeen low-intensity blasts rocked ahmedabad on 26 july , 2008 saturday evening. the blasts happened in maninagar, bapunagar, hatkeshwar, sarnagpur bridge, amraiwadi, govindwadi, sarangpur, chakla area and jawahar chowk.

the first blast took place in maninagar, which is the assembly constituency of gujarat chief minister narendra modi. according to initial reports the bomb in maninagar was planted in a bicycle. there was a second blast in maninagar area inside the lg hospital premises.

the blast inside the hospital took place below a red-coloured car, which caught fire.

in bapunagar the blast took place outside the railway station while one of the blast took place inside a bus. the blasts occurred within a span of an hour between 1830 hrs ist and 1940 hrs ist. some of the bombs were hidden in tiffin boxes.

initial reports say about 30 people have been taken injured and six have been taken to the civil hospital in maninagar. no deaths have been reported so far.

however, gujarat home minister amit shah confirmed about only three blasts.

a black coloured hero honda splendor motorcycle has been found abandoned near the blast site in maninagar.

ahmedabad railway station has been sealed.

some of the blasts took place in communally sensitive areas of the city. cnn-ibn? editor-in-chief rajdeep sardesai reports that the blasts were aimed at creating panic and not really at causing heavy causalities.

the intelligence bureau had received an e-mail from a little known terror group called indian mujaheedin about a possible attack, reports sardesai. 

union minister of state for home sri prakash jaiswal said, "the blasts seem to be along the lines of yesterdays bangalore blasts. it is a conspiracy to unsettle the country. all metros are on a high alert."

an emergency meeting is going on at modi? residence and the chief minister is likely to visit the blast areas soon.

coordinator of the united christian forum for human rights father cederic prakash appeals for calm.

"i sympathise with those affected. every single member of civil society should maintain peace and communal harmony," prakash says.

the serial bomb blasts in ahmedabad come just a day after a series of blasts rocked karanataka capital bangalore. in bangalore, too, nine low-intensity blasts had taken place on friday afternoon killing two people and injuring six others.

who is going to tell father cederic prakash and other terrorists that communal harmony is a two way street



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