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date: 29 jul 2008


it is time to look at the very foundations of government of our partitioned india, especially of the legality of its supreme county since india is not a "whole" as they both claim.

we need to ask supreme court to read the act of partition of india, 1947, and then ask themselves, "what are the muslims doing in india after snatching five provinces, exclusively for themselves." 


supreme court of partitioned india needs to examine the constitutional and legal morality and justification of surrender of five provinces of india in 1947 where its validity is zero. shame on this "supreme" court of delhi which becomes "mule" court in lahore and karachi.


supreme court of "partitioned indian secular state" also needs to ask themselves, "do the hindus & sikhs in any of those provinces that were unconditionally surrendered by the founders of this very "mule's own indian supreme court" get any subsidy to visit temples and gurdwaras in bharat?"


supreme court of "partitioned indian secular state" also need to contemplate, "is secularism legally and constitutionally valid in delhi if it stands blasted in lahore due to a big helping hand extended by gandhi and nehru in 1947?"


supreme court of "vanishing" bharat" needs to reflect, "where are the supreme courts of lahore, karachi and dhaka?" why will the same formidable and relentless islamic "tsunami" not burn to ash and cover up the one in new delhi in the near future?


supreme court of india needs to try the bofors chor first, to prove their own legality and validity before indulging in further acts that maliciously help or lead to further weakening of the native hindu nation in truncated bharat.


finally, this bogus supreme court of "vanishing hindusthan" (reducing in territory, suffering blow after blow, being continuously bashed in head, body, spirit and morale) needs to examine its own jurisdiction in north kashmir. why has it not asked the "rubber stamp" italy & islam-compliant rashtrapatni to extend that jurisdiction to east bengal and west punjab?


whoever salutes the so-called supreme court of this rashtrapatini pratibha devisingh patil, (sonia-compliant supreme cu** of partitioned india) must be a mental dwarf or a brainwashed slave. 



we did once have brave hindus who kept the enemy away from the shores and hills of western india and even extended native rule up to khyber pass. are they all finished off now, or killed, by the hindu-bashing state & constitution?


how long more are we to watch the hindus being massacred and maimed all over hindusthan (native land of hindus) while government ("axis powers" of italy, islam and their clueless, compliant, docile, subservient hindu camp follower) and its supreme court, and their mercenary ("cease firing") army, keep on giving lame excuses, and promises of action in the future, or just wait for another explosion that will take away more hindus to the next world creating a vacuum on this earth to be filled by the well resourced, well organised and government backed alien-faith marauders?

conclusion: nehru was slave of jinnah. supreme court at its birth was slave of nehru. today it is slave of sonia, italy & islam.


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