Date: 29 Jul 2008


Dear Brigitte Gabriel,
As you are aware, increasing ISLAMIC fundamentalism automatically leads to, and results in, terrorism and destruction in ever increasing parts of the world, it is, therefore, important to salute your impressive INITIATIVE.
I would now earnestly suggest to you to rename this great movement as "ACT! for World" since the enemies of democracy, secularism and dignity of women do not hesitate or feel ashamed in calling theirs "GLOBAL" Jihad.
In my view your country is today where my India was in 1936. Those menacing dark clouds with the promise of Doom, that you have already noticed, though they are still far beyond the ocean, were beginning to take shape and gather force and momentum. The idea to SMASH India and her Secularism had been conceived in London. There was none in the whole vast sub continent to match your state of awareness despite the fact that India's history in the preceding thousand years had been little else but violent bashing, battering and pounding of the sub continent by MUSLIM invaders, wave after wave. Yet none could foresee the ultimate Doom. 

When the Day of Reckoning did finally arrive on August 15, 1947, the stunned and horrified Indians woke up to see that their country had gone through history's WORST EVER defeat with the loss of five provinces- in total area equal to half of Europe, ISLAM had struck the sleepy, the unwary, the fools, who then proved to be damn fools by calling it "Independence". 

Thank God, America will be safe due to your timely action. You have forestalled the tragedy of the entire world since, if America, the ultimate bastion and bulwark of democracy and freedom falls, nothing else will remain standing.
I am sure, giving global dimension to your timely movement will also see the number of members and supporters swell rapidly and you could have similar events in major cities all over the world.
I wish to encourage you to take this opportunity to expand your organization beyond the shores of America. In this shrinking world what happens in one corner will affects all mankind.
July 29, 2008
Senator Barack Obama did mention the Wall that divides religions, including the wall that divides India and Pakistan on one side and India and Bangladesh on the other (both Islamic republics being the result of unprovoked Islamic AGGRESSION that is yet to be resolutely repulsed). Whether it was mere rhetoric by the Senator, in order to charm the voters, remains to be seen.