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date: 31 jul 2008


copy forwarded to us by a sikh patriot:


letter to panjab radio, london.

dear sir,

sat sri akal.

congratulations for excellent programme on the martyrdom of brave son of punjab, udham singh, broadcast today till 10 a.m.

when we remember and honour our countless martyrs, a vital element of realisation always fails us. it is simply this-

martyrs do deserve our "shardhanjali" but we have martyrs only under two conditons:

1.  when the leaders are (damn) fools (like mk gandhi and jawaharlal nehru who accepted partition (unconditionally surrendered our lahore & sri nankana sahib), thus creating a martyr in multan, shaheed nanak singh.)(


2.  when a community is (hopelessly) enslaved (as on 31 july 1940, 5 march 1947 and again on 6 june 1984.) .

in sheer contrast, let us see the british. their last martyr was thomoas beckett who was killed in 1170. 

since then their wise leaders and their free country have not had a single martyr to celebrate or commemorate. 

they would have provided countless martyrs had adolf hitler run over this land in 1940 due to foolishness of sir winston churchill.

thank you.

31 jul 08



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