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date: 02 aug 2008


punjab in fragments and under the foot of "italy & islam" with the hindu (camp follower) eliminated from the field.


punjab seems to me as one of the pieces in the mosaic of indian states. alternatively, i also see our punjab as one of the children in a family.

when i was a small boy, my proud sikh mother used to encourage me in every way. she was not just there to cook food, wash our clothes and put us to sleep at night. she was also there to teach us, eduate us and inspire us.

i remember her saying to me, whenever i was about to take an examination or enter a competition, "son, beat the rest. come first. bring home a prize. go with the conviction to be outstanding."

thanks to her we obtained good posts in life and most of us have now retired in affluence and good health. we owe it all to our mother.

now let us turn our attention to the state of punjab where once our gurus lived and preached, and tried to inspire the "dead" nation of (hindu) ?ackals?  once a brave son of punjab, ranjit singh, sat on the throne in lahore and kept the british at bay.

i see that in that same punjab today one after another chief ministers come and go, and during their tenure they are more busy trying to keep their trousers up while surrounded by so many adversaries who are trying to pull them down. 

then they go into elections and either lose or win that makes no difference to the state and its people. due to their lacklustre performance, nepotism, corruption and internal squabbles many citizens don't even bother to cast their votes.

why is it not possible to find the spirit of "mother of punjab" in the chief ministers ruling their state from union territory carved out of their own territory?

do they not know that they rule this blessed state that is our "guruan-di-dharit" (divinely unique on earth)? when will one of them feel inspired like my proud punjabi mother, and declare from public platform:

"go and bring a gold medal from the world olympics.

"go and beat singapore in per head ownership of computers (sixth "kay?.

"go and beat the taiwanese and the south koreans in manufacturing motors and machines.

"go and beat the japanese in making better cameras and tv sets.

"go and beat the lithuanians in love of mother tongue. (lithuanians owe independence from soviet union because their language united them against the heaviest odds.)

"go and export like china.

"go and establish a university better than the ones in oxford and cambridge.

"go and preach the message of gurus like jehova's witnesses, catholic missionaries and the tableegh brigades of islam.

"go and make sri amritsar more magnificent than the vatican, and jalandhar more beautiful than barcelona.

"go and make "made in punjab" a respectable phrase like "made in germany".

"go and make "made in punjab" a respectable phrase like "made in germany".

"go and stand taller than the rest of 29 in your class and stand erect when rashtramata of broken bharat, sonia gandhi, or the rashtrapatni of partitioned india, pratibha devisingh patil, pass you by.

"go and speak it out. it is not a crime and none can arrest you for saying so but you will be in for a lot more of beating and thrashing eventually, for not saying so.

as a sikh hailing from west punjab (rawalpindi) but domiciled in east punjab (patiala) i wish to live and die with utmost pride in our ancient civilisation, in our divine scriptures, in our native genius, in our spiritual gurus, and in our five rivers. 

i invite the chief ministers of punjab to speak up, day in and day out, sharing with me the joy and pride of being a proud punjabi. let them declare, "we punjabis are second to none on earth." 

let them not copy jawaharlal nehru and rajiv gandhi who never even once uttered, "brown is beautiful."

sikh spirit lies at the heart of volition to excel. i expect the chief ministers of punjab to show some wisdom and courage and inspire their subjects to excel. 

are we expecting this inspiration to be provided by the governor of state, general (retd.) sunith francis rodrigues (born in bombay), or the president of republic, srimati pratibha devisingh patil (born in nadgaon village in maharashtra) or the "mother of nation" madam sonia gandhi (born in an italian village under the name of edvige antonia albina maino)?

1 august 2008



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