Date: 02 Aug 2008


Facilities and subsidies to Muslims in Bhaarat by Secular and pseudo-secular leaders of Bhaarat

            Muslims get so much facilities and grants, subsidies that they cannot even dream to get such benefits in any Muslim country. While no Hindu gets any kind of facility in any Muslim country. What to say of any facility, many sects of Islam cannot even follow their religion freely in any Muslim country. The Hindus cannot practice Hindu religion or perform the last rights even after the deaths of theirs kin’s and relatives in any Muslim country.

How disgusting and shameful that majority Hindus lie quiet about these atrocious injustices against them. Those who do not actively agitate for justice do NOT deserve to obtain justice and its rights. Indifference to injustice is the biggest evil. 

'The MIM has been given Rs 5,000 crore'
Asaduddin Owaisi, a British-trained barrister, is the public face of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen. The son of party president Salahuddin Owaisi, he was elected to the Lok Sabha from Hyderabad, a Muslim-dominated constituency and MIM citadel. Owaisi, 35, has announced his support to the United Progressive Alliance government during the trust vote in the Lok Sabha. A decision that has surprised many, given the impression that Muslims are opposed to the India-US nuclear deal. Mohammad Siddique asked the young MP why he decided to support the UPA: 

Why has the MIM decided to support the UPA government?
For us the deal is not the immediate concern. Our top priority is to stop the BJP (Bhaaratiya Janata Party) and L K Advani from coming to power as they pose an immediate threat to the secular polity of the country and to the life, identity and development of Muslims. 
While voting tomorrow my immediate concern will be how to stop L K Advani from becoming the prime minister of this great nation as he is an accused in the Babri Masjid demolition criminal case. On the nuclear deal we have already conveyed our reservations and concerns to Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.
How do you explain your decision to your support base when it is being said that Muslims are against the deal with the US?
First, there is no basis for saying that Indian Muslims are against this deal. It is an international agreement and by trying to give a communal colour some parties are indulging in cynical manipulation of Muslims for their own political ambitions and desires. 
M K Padhe of the CPI-M and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati are telling the people that Muslims are against it. I would like to question the CPI-M and Mayawati why don't you say that Hindus are for the deal that Dalits are against it and whether the backwards were for or against the deal.
Why do you have to put a gun on my shoulder and fire? Why do you have to put me in the spot? The MIM believes this is a canard being spread that will lead to more hatred towards the Muslims. This will give a handle to the Sangh Parviar and help them in the electoral process.
We will tell the people we are trying to stop Advani and the BJP by voting in support of the UPA.
But what is your stand on the deal?
We have strong reservations about it and we believe it will have an impact on the foreign policy of the country. We also strongly condemn what the United States is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We are also concerned about the US's design on Iran. We have discussed all this with the prime minister. 

He told me to quote him on this. He had told the US that the attack on Iraq was a monumental mistake and it will be unworthy of him as prime minister of this country if he compromises on foreign policy. He also assured me that India will press ahead with the Iran gas pipeline project. Whether or not the deal will impact foreign policy will become clearer when a testing time comes. 

The prime minister has also told the US that military action against Iran is not a solution. He has also drawn the attention of the US to the fact that India has 5 million of its people in the Gulf who will be affected by any war in the region.
On the nuclear deal the crux of the issue is that we require power. There is no dispute as far as that is concerned. The biggest example I can give which all of us are facing is that we are suffering three hours of power cuts in Hyderabad, the state capital. It is five, six hours in the districts.
But for us the question is who the biggest evil is. For us it is L K Advani first, second is Prakash Karat and then comes (US President George W) Bush.
Why Karat?
History will never forgive the CPI-M and Prakash Karat for creating this political crisis in the country, which will only benefit the forces of Hindutva and weaken secularism. To me, the BJP and CPI-M are the two sides of the same coin. 
I would like to ask the CPI-M if their love for Muslims is so much why did you kill Muslims in Nandigram? How is it that in your 33 years of rule in West Bengal where 28% Muslims reside, their share in government employment is only 2.8%? 
This love for Muslims is not shown over there but when it comes to further their own political ambitions to hide their ideologies they make Muslims the Bali Ka Bakra (scapegoats).
Mayawati is also making similar noises linking the opposition to the deal to the Muslims.
If she was genuinely concerned about Muslim, why did her government and the Samajwadi Party government since 2001 not comply with the court order to club the two cases of the Babri Masjid demolition? If that was done, the case against Advani would have become much stronger. 
There is a strong case against Advani, Uma Bharti and the entire top brass of the Sangh Parivar.
So you feel it is odd that the nuclear deal is being linked to the Muslims?
We strongly detest this entire business of dragging Muslims into the nuclear deal issue.
If so much importance is given to my likes and dislikes on an international agreement, a simple question arises. As a Muslim I would like to ask these parties who are using me to further their political ideologies and desires, why did you demolish the Babri Masjid? Was I asked? Was I taken into confidence before my families were butchered in Gujarat, where pregnant women's stomachs were slashed open and properties were looted?
Accusations are flying thick and fast that individual MPs are being lured by offering crores of rupees to support the UPA. What you have been offered?
I am not so cheap to be sold for Rs 25 crore. The MIM has been given Rs 5,000 crore. I am not kidding. The prime minister has promised to look into our demand for the implementation of the Fatimi committee report on the Sachar committee findings. Under this four centres of the Aligarh Muslim University and Maulana Azad National Urdu university will be set up and it will be a great boon to uplift Muslims educationally. The committee has also made many other recommendations.
Finally, are you happy with what the UPA has done for the minorities during last four years?
Yes. In its five years the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) had spent all of Rs 20 crore on only two schemes for Muslims in the country. The UPA on the other hand has doubled the minority welfare budget from Rs 500 crore to Rs 1,000 crore in the last one year, increased the Maulana Azad educational fund corpus from Rs 100 crore to Rs 250 crore in two years and in the 11th Plan the corpus is going to be increased to Rs 750 crore. 
The UPA created a national commission for minority education. For minority welfare the NDA government had only given Rs 200 crores in the entire 10th Plan whereas the UPA gave Rs 1,000 in 2008-09.
They repealed the draconian POTA under which hundreds of people were booked and many of them are still languishing in jails. The UPA government has given ex gratia to the victims of the pogrom in Gujarat and the Bhagalpur riots.

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Naresh Khanna <nkk1113@gmail.com>

The Owaisi is the leader of 'goonda brigade' who had attacked Taslima during her book promotion in Hyderabad and the evil congis supported these Muslim terrorists against Taslima. Instead, Taslima was booked. That is the democracy and free speech congi style. These anti-nationals, nation sellers, the enemies of our Hindusthan are as always buying votes to further their agendas, Of course, these congi Katooraas never tire of proclaiming themselves as the protectors of secularism. Wonder, if any of these Katooraas can define” secularism'? If this is what the constitution of India is allowing these traitors to get away with, then it is time to 'torch' that piece of trash and prepare a more realistic pragmatic and nationalistic constitution to save our nation.
Naresh Khanna

S. Kalyanaraman <kalyan97@gmail.com>
Cuddling Islamist jihadi terror by a corrupt UPA government
Yes, corruption should be exposed, Bhanda Phod. It is also necessary to stop jihadi-terror-cuddling.

This note is also a tribute to a remarkable piece of investigative reporting by Sheela Bhatt. 

The terror acts have nothing to do with the criminal justice system, Mr. B. Raman. Terror acts are simply jihadi Islamism.  Cowards who target innocent people get emboldened and strike at will because the UPA governance doesn't empower the intelligence community and the police to investigate and arrest the jihadi terrorists, fearing vote-bank backlash. Now the lid is off; mullah Mulayam and Empress Sonia advised by Ahmed Patel are in coalition, thanks to the corrupt trust vote which has exposed the terrorist-cuddlers.

Why aren't the empress and chamcha-s treating this as a war on terror? Is the security of 10 Janpath inmates so important that the state should go soft on jihadi terrorists? At the drop of a hat, we have 'secular' aasthaana vidwans like Sitaram Yechury and the spokesperson chamcha-s of Congress talking of communalism by asking that the issue of terror killing should not be politicised. It is an attempt at wishing away the reality that terror is simply jihadi terrorism.

What is happening is buck-passing between the anti-terror outfits of the Centre and the States, oftentimes targeting sincere law-enforcement officers, without launching and sustaining an effective and ruthless war on jihadi terror.

I am presenting below some analyses of the jihadi terror acts of HuJi. It is clear that Pakistan ISI is responsible for setting up and providing logistic support to HuJi. HuJi has tied up with SIMI to perpetrate terror acts. UPA and SP (the newly-discovered rescuer of Sonia in the trust vote) are well-known as cuddlers of Islamists, cultivating the latter as vote-banks.
It is amazing from the statistics of jihadi terror acts attributed to HuJi that since 2006, no success has been reported by NSA in apprehending the terrorists. 

A remarkable piece of investigative journalism by Sheela Bhatt tells a chilling story. Congratulations, Sheela ji for an extraordinary piece of reporting which is more incisive than the puerile analytical reports of security pundits plagiarizing from emails from someone claiming to be from Indian mujahedeen blaming the criminal justice system for bias against Muslims. Sheela Bhatt reports how the intelligence community feels handicapped by the interference of the political establishment (read empress of 10 Janpath politicking – this is my attribution and not made in the report) in apprehending jihadi terrorists. This quote from a serving intelligence officer tells the whole story: 'Now Delhi's police officers are reluctant to take risks because the political establishment is not ready to support policemen who take risks beyond the call of duty.'

he political establishment (read Sonia's UPA) should bear full responsibility and be made accountable under the nation's criminal justice system, for cuddling jihadi terror, by tying the hands of the police-force. Instead of targeting terrorists, there has been an attempt to frame the intelligence officers.

Read Ezhavendan's note of 25 July 2008 appended, evaluating the jihadi-SIMI links.


Deepak Ganju <deepakganju@hotmail.com>

These incidents are serious but the government machinery is ineffective and incompetent, unfortunately who cares? The blood of innocent Hindus killed by Islamic terrorists is only another news story for them.

Condemning the 'incidents of violence', President Pratibha Patil urged people to maintain peace and harmony. The PM Man Mohan decried the second terror strike in as many days and appealed for calm.  UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi called the attack as an 'act of desperation and cowardice'. She made an appeal for maintaining peace in the hour of crisis. Prime Minister 

A normal routine investigation has been ordered and in a few days we all will forget and it will be yet another news story for the archives. 

'Voh Khoon kaho kis matlab ka, Jisme Ubaal ka naam nahi.

Vah Khoon kaho kis matlab ka, Aa sake Desh ke kaam nahi.

Vah Khoon kaho kis matlab ka, Jisme jeevan na Ravani hai.

Jo parvash hokar Bahta hai, Vah Khoon nahi hai Paani hai.'

The Indian Mujahedeen’s are showing their Islamic-Fangs, and striking at the Hindu, with fanatic-frenzy. They are testing the Hindu's patience.

The question is:

How long is the Hindus are going to take the beastly-cruelty of Islam, before deciding to decimate it for ever?