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date: 02 aug 2008


letter to shri lal krishna advani,

how is it different from the earlier times of slavery?


many times we overlook the elephant on top but cry when a rabbit steps on our tail. hindus protest, cry and complain over a thousand small tactical fires but we hardly ever look up at the top where foreigners and aliens sit, throwing strategic sand and stones on our heads.

sindh and east bengal have gone & died, and we never held a post mortem or asked ?hy?? 

let us now think of the badly mauled and mutilated punjab to see why all that nonsense of hindu-sikh rift and the so-called sikh terrorism is going on there all the time while simple sikhs are busy doing ?khand paths?and peace loving hindu-heads are down in ?aisay?(money) and puja (worship).


we have found the cause of all this misfortune of the state that once had five rivers flowing through it down to the arabian sea.


there we find the awe of mother of all, rashtramata sonia gandhi (born in an italian village under the name of edvige antonia albina maino), casting its dark shadows.

next comes rashtrapatni pratibha devisingh patil (born in nadgaon village in maharashtra), who, like the prime minister, owes her appointment to the approval of rashtramata sonia maino. she is said to be a secret convert to christianity.

finally, there is man with the ?oot and stick? he is general (retd.) sunith francis rodrigues (born in bombay). do we need generals in civilian clothes like the adversary in islamabad?

none of these top three of hierarchy will ever enter a gurdwara (or mandir, for that matter!) and none of them speaks the panjabi language of the unquestioning humble and obedient subjects. 


if anyone in our hindu ?agat?is expecting this (alien) lot on top to inspire the natives of the land, then he must be mad.

the responsibility of bringing home to the people of bharat that the word ?artition?was deleted and replaced by ?ndependence?by our top leaders who went along with the british to cut and divide india, resulting in huge loss of life and wealth.

?ndependence?has its other side which reads: ?he indians were badly cheated.?

looking at the non hindus holding sway at the top one must ask, ?ow is it different from the earlier times of slavery??

we cannot sweep the past under the carpet. hindus were cheated out of their territory and wealth. (how about taking even one inch back from the muslims anywhere on earth- from northern cyprus to northern kashmir?) 

five provinces that form pakistan and bangladesh were given to the indian muslims with a view to keeping islamic terrorists and suicide bombers out of the country but upon gandhi? insistence no one forced the remaining muslims to go to their newly established homeland called ?akistan? thus we are back in pre-partition days.

how do you propose to ?ell the wolf?

yours truly, 



2 august 08


ps: dad, what happened in 1947? our leaders call for big celebrations but i am told that my grandmother? family was forced out of lahore with three clothes and my grandfather? family was forced to flee rawalpindi with hardly any clothes on.

son, the hindus were cheated out of their territory. five provinces that form pakistan and bangladesh were given to indian muslims to keep the wolf of terrorism out but upon gandhi? insistence no one forced the muslims in what was left of india, to their newly established homeland called ?akistan? 

thanks to high treason by jawaharlal nehru, we now have three wolves of terrorism, one on either side and one right in the sheep pen.


india? hindu top are refugees: refugee advani, refugee prime minister & refugee i k gujral. they lower their eyes while speaking to a hindustani musalman-beiman-shaitan-haiwan from pakistan.


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