Date: 05 Aug 2008


Till August 15 we need to be redoubling our efforts to wake up the sleeping HIndus and LIBERATE THEM from the Yoke of Italy, Islam & THE DESPICABLE HINDU CAMP FOLLOWER.

The Hindus were CHEATED out of ther possessions, lives and TERRITORY. What is theirs, is still with their ENEMY.


52 innocent Britishers lost their lives when MUSLIM terrorists struck and caused hevoc in Lodon in 2005.  The honourable British people ("LIONS") are erecting a suitable Monument (Memorial) to honour them.
**A Nation reveals itself not by the number of persons it produces, but by the number it honours.**
In 1947 nearly TWO MILLION innocent people were massacred by MUSLIMS in India, Yet till today there is no Memorial for them.
Our 61st Independence Anniversary is drawing near.  Let us pay our homage to all those who sacrificed their lives, or lost everything, including their homes, belongings and family honour.
Our politician will be paying tributes to "Maha-Coward" (NOT Maha Atma!) MK Gandhi (who failed us in the hour of our need and "dumped" Akhand Bharat like a dirty rag) and homage to the treacherous Nehru-Gandhi dynasty too, who are still capitalising on, and exploiting, our people's ignorance.  
But we should not forget the other sons and daughters of India who laid down their lives for the freedom of UNITED India.
All-India Congress Party then had to ask, "Did Bhagat Singh Shaheed kiss the gallows in LAHORE for the birth of Pakistan?