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date: 07 aug 2008


how to uproot islamic terrorism  


                                      by dr radhasyam brahmachari 



on friday, july 25, bangalore or bengaluru, the capital of the southern indian state of karnataka, a city of 6 million people, was rocked by 8 serial blasts that reportedly took place within 12 minutes at around 1.30 pm, that is just after the friday? midday namaz in local mosques.. the city is also the it capital of india and the home of software superpowers like infosys technologies and wipro. the blasts killed one and injured more than 15. 


the high orchestration for first five or six blasts suggests the use of precision timing devices in the blasts. but, according to the experts, the explosive used was not of sophisticated type and most probably ammonium nitrate, mixed with a booster, was used by the terrorists. the investigators believe that the primary objective of the miscreants was to convey the message that they have the capacity of hitting any target wherever and whenever they like. however, no organization has yet claimed the responsibility of the bombings. 


on the next day, i.e. on saturday, 26th july, 17 bombs were exploded in ahmedabad, the capital of gujarat, killing 49 people and injuring many. there were two blasts in maninagar and the first blast occurred in this area at 6.45 pm. the second blast here occurred near lg hospital. it should be pointed out here that maninagar is the constituency of chief minister narendra modi. some of the bombs were believed to have been placed in cycles as it were in the jaipur blasts on may 13, in which 65 persons died. a couple of bombs were reported to have been placed in tiffin boxes, in a modus operandi similar to the explosions that took place outside a lucknow court last year. 


a muslim organization called ?ndian mujahideen? through an e-mail, has claimed the responsibility of the ahmedabad blasts, but the security personnel are convinced that it is a handy-work of the infamous ?tudents islamic movement of india?or simi, in a new guise. in any case, the attacks have served a caution that the country that, even after 60 years of independence and despite its present economic progress, it remains vulnerable to terrorism. both the chief minister narendra modi and the home minister amit shah suspect international conspiracy in the attack. but the modus operandi of the attack suggests involvement of local muslims as well. there is no doubt that the bombs were planted with local knowledge as it was not possible for the outsiders to plant them at vulnerable spots. the un-exploded bombs have been sent to the forensic department to ascertain the type of explosive used and why they did not go off. ?o far, no arrest has been made? says the home minister on thursday, july 30. 


the matter does not end here. meanwhile, various terrorist muslim organizations have sent threat letters to the authorities of various cities to blow up important buildings. a letter from simi activists has threatened to blow up the 7-storey building of vadodara stock exchange. till 30th july, 26 bombs were discovered and defused in another city of surat, in the same state of gujarat. police suspects local involvement in these activities. on the other hand, on july 29, the border security force or bsf has seized 20 kg opium near indo-pak border in the barmer district of rajasthan. it should be mentioned here that smuggling of drugs and other narcotics are used to fund terrorist activities. the incident suggests that many such blasts may take place in near future in various india cities. 


why islamic terrorism: 


  in a previous article ?hree decrees of islam?( , the present author has mentioned that as a creed, islam is not a religion like hinduism, buddhis or jainism. in fact, islam is a non-spiritual political creed and its aim is to create an islamic (or rather arabic) empire throughout the world and the creed rests on three fundamental postulates, (i) millat and kufr, (ii) dar-ul-islam and dar-ul-harb and (iii) jihad.  it should be mentioned here that the real meaning of islam is, not peace but, surrender and in the restricted sense, unconditional surrender to allah? koran and allah? prophet. 


the arabic word millat stands for brotherhood and word kufr stands for ?o disbelieve?or ?o oppose?and those who do kufr are kafirs. the first postulate millat and kufr says that those who surrender to allah? koran and allah? prophet muhammad are imandar mussalmans and those who do not, belong to the most despicable species, the kafirs. so, according to islamic theology, each and every non-muslim is a kafir while all muslims are brothers (kulla muslemein ikhuatun) and all kafirs are enemies of the muslims. most importantly, it divides the entire humanity into two camps, one is the muslim-camp while the other is the kafir-camp. 


       in the eye of allah, these kafirs are no better than animals and hence he instructs the muslims to mount any kind of torture and atrocities on them, kill them, burn them and their houses, take their women and children as captives and rape their women and so on. so the koran says----?e have created, for hell, many genii (races) of men, ?and they are like brute beasts?(7.179) ; ?erily, those who disbelieve our signs, we will surely cast them to be broiled in the hell-fire, so often as their skins shall be well burnt, we will give them new skins in exchange, so that they may taste the sharper torment?(4.56) ; ?hosoever followeth any religion other than islam, it shall not be accepted of him in this life, and in the next life he shall be of those who perish?(3.85) ; ? will cast a dread into the hearts of the unbelievers?(8.12) ; ?herefore cut off their heads, and strike off all the ends of the fingers. this shall they suffer because they have opposed allah and his prophet, and whosoever shall oppose allah and his prophet, verily allah will be severe in punishing them?(8.13) ; ?oreover, as for the non-believers, i will punish them with grievous punishments in this world, and in the world is to come?(3.56) ; ?llah loves not the 

unbelievers?(3.57) ; ?they shall suffer a grievous punishment?(3.77). ?hey (believers) shall fight in the way of allah and shall slay and be slain?(9, 111). 


the second postulate ?ar-ul-islam and dar-ul-harb?of islam tells that all the countries on the earth can broadly be divided into two categories. dar-ul-islam means those countries which have already come under the domination of islam. the literal meaning of dar-ul-harb is the land of warfare. it refers to those countries which have not yet been conquered by islam and where the muslims are fighting with the kafirs to bring them under their control. the ultimate aim of islam is to turn the entire world into a dar-ul-islam, or to bring the entire world under the banner of islam. hence the koran says, ?o on fighting against them till the rule of allah is not established (8.39).?


how to bring the entire world under the banner of islam? here to convert each and every dar-ul-harb into a dar-ul-islam ? here comes the third decree of islam, jihad. in plain words, jihad means indiscriminate killing of kafirs, plundering their wealth, occupying their land and other properties by sword, fire and rape. a muslim participating in jihad is called a mujahid (plural : mujahidin) and allah? ultimate intention is to raise and establish his religion to reign supreme with the help of the mujahidin. therefore the terrorists are allah? mujahidin and their aim is to abolish the kafir-camp, or cause harm to the kafir-camp. even seducing or raping kafir women is a part of jihad. 


how to contain islamic terrorism: 


          whenever an incident of terrorist attack occurs in a civilized society, the law enforcing authorities become convinced that it has been done by a terrorist organization like al-qaeda, or laskar-e-taiba, or hizb-ul-mujahideen etc and the culprits are a few people associated with those organizations. or more pointedly, a few misguided muslim young men, who are associated with the said terrorist organizations, are guilty alone. so they start to find clues to ascertain which organization is associated with the attack and after that tries to arrest those people to start a legal procedure against them, but keeping the breeding ground of the terrorists untouched. after 9/11, the security people of usa could ascertain that the terrorists of al-qaeda were involved. so the us armed forces attacked base camps of al-qaeda in afghanistan, bombed the al-qaeda hide-outs. in a similar manner, indian authorities, after a terrorist attack, go for tracing the terrorist organization involved and to capture a few people, who have committed the crime. 


but from islamic viewpoint, any such terrorist attack is an attack on the kafir-camp by the muslim-camp and hence not only the handful of terrorists but the entire muslim-camp, or each and every member of the muslim-camp, is responsible. or in other words, the entire muslim community is responsible. thus for a terrorist attack in india, firstly each and every muslim of this country, who takes the oath of killing kafirs five times a day through namaz, is responsible. each and every muslim, whether he is a vegetable vendor, or a rikshaw puller, or a mason, or a school teacher, or a politician, or a reputed man, is responsible. and in the broader sense, each and every muslim in the world is responsible. 


 there is no doubt that the koran is the fountainhead of islamic terrorism and anyone who believes in koran is responsible. hence it becomes evident that, islamic terrorism cannot be wiped out by capturing a few terrorists and killing them or by putting them in jails. to put an end to islamic terrorism, action should be taken against each and every muslim of this country. and in a broader sense, action should be taken against each and every muslim in the world. 


it has been mentioned above that koran is the fountainhead of islamic terrorism or it is the source of inspiration for terrorism. and more pointedly, the hateful kafir killing verses of the koran are the fountainhead of islamic terrorism. so the first step to end islamic terrorism is to ban that blood-thirsty book of hate. the second step is to take action against the muslim community as a whole. 


some people maintain the wrong notion that among the muslims all are not bad and there are good or moderate muslims as well. in this regard the renowned author craig winn has said that, as there is only one koran and nothing like a good koran and a bad koran, and hence there cannot be a good muslims and bad muslims and moderate muslim or radical muslim. muslims are muslims alone. so, to put an end to the menace called islamic terrorism, the entire community of non-muslims, or all the members of the kafir-camp has to be united and come forward to attack and punish the muslim community as a whole. if muslim terrorists kill 10 kafirs at one place, the kafirs should kill at least 100 muslims at any where in the world, and if they kill 100 people, kafirs should kill 1000 muslims as a retaliation. if the entire community of kafirs can adopt such a procedure, islamic terrorism will evaporate within seconds. 


how the kafirs would adopt such a policy? what would be their guideline? its very simple. the kafirs should accept the koran as their own book, but with a little change. take a koran and replace the words like kafir, polytheist, idolater, non-believer etc. by the word muslim. for example, the verse (ix,5) of the koran reads, ?hen, when the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them and take them captive ?? the kafirs should rewrite the verse as, ?hen, when the sacred months are over, slay the muslims wherever ye find them and take them captive ??similarly, the verse (viii, 12) says, ? will cast a dread into the hearts of the unbelievers?and the kafirs should alter it to read, ?e will cast dread into the hearts of the muslims? if the kafirs can sincerely prepare such an altered koran and act honestly in the likewise manner, the menace of islamic terrorism will vanish in no time.  


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