Date: 09 Aug 2008


:Shree Hari:

9th August, 2008, Saturday
Shraavan Shukla Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2065, Shanivar
Caution !  
All resources for the dying are ready.  The coffin is ready, no new one has to be prepared.  The pall bearers are also ready.  No new ones need to be born.  The cremation ground is also ready, no new place needs to be acquired.  The firewood for the cremation is also ready, no new trees need to be planted.  The delay is only in the stopping of the breath.  The moment this breath stops, all these materials will come together and be mobilized.  Then what room is there for complacency ? 
Caution!  Become Alert !  This world is not for you to stay permanently.  This place is only for those you are dying and only for those in the process of dying.  Then how have you spreading your legs out and smuggly occupying this space, being self-satisfied ? 
Think !  Will these days always remain the same forever ?  
You are building a house here, decorating it here,  hoarding things here, 
but you yourself are running towards death !  Wherever you are going, first make that ultimate destination a good place !  
Even a train that is scheduled to depart at a fixed time, is attentive to timing, then what to speak of this train symbolizing death which does not have a fixed departure time, for that there should be alertness and cautiousness at all times. 
"We will do" -  this is not a certainty, but "we will die" - that is an absolute certainty.  
You do not see God, but God is seeing and watching you, all the time.
It is a rule that the incoming one, is the outgoing one. 
In the fire of death, everything is burning away at all times.  Then who should we trust?  Who should we desire? 
Think careful,  who is our own?  If today death arrives, then will anybody be able to help us ?  
On birthdays we have a celebration, saying we are now these many years old !  In reality, we are not that many years older, rather, we have died that many years, in other words, from our total number of years, that many years have come off, and death has come closer.
When a boy is born, whether he will grow into an adult or not, whether he will get educated or not, whether he will get married or not, whether he will have  a family or not, whether he will have wealth or not, in all these matters there is doubt; but whether he will die or not, in this there is no doubt.        

From "Drops of Nectar"  in English pg 26 by Swami Ramsukhdasji  
Ram Ram

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